Sigma Beauty Makeup Favourites

8 Feb 2015

A picture of Sigma Beauty Makeup Favourites
Sigma is by far my favourite brand for makeup brushes, but it's not just their brushes which leave me lusting. With an ever expanding range of makeup products on offer, I adore their makeup range just as much as their brushes and tools.

A picture of Sigma Resort Palette

A picture of Sigma Individual Eye Shadows in Notre Dame, Resist and Snoop

A picture of Sigma Enlight Blush Collection Mellow and Serene

Although there's a few daring shades I've barely touched, the Sigma Resort Palette is one of my favourites to reach for when I'm going for a neutral eye. The palette includes 8 eyeshadows, powder blusher, liquid highlighter and dual-ended eyeliner pencil. The first five shades in the palette are my most used alongside the blusher. The Resort Palette isn't the only Sigma palette in my beauty stash, but like many of the bigger Sigma palettes it was part of a limited edition run (so unfortunately, no longer available!). I always keep an eye out for new Sigma palette releases, and I have my eye on a couple of the permanent palettes in the range which you can find over on UK stockist Beauty Chamber

If you're tempted by Sigma eyeshadows and don't want to hunt down limited edition products or add yet another palette to your beauty stash, then the range of Sigma Beauty Individual Eye Shadows is perfect. Featuring 30 gorgeous shades ranging from bold brights to neutrals, the shade range has everyone covered. I've been meaning to add more to my stash for quite a while now and at £8.95 each they're pretty decently priced, especially considering the amazing quality. Regardless of finish each shadow I've tried from this range has had the perfect formula; no fall-out, buttery soft to the touch which apply effortlessly and blend even easier. The colour pay-off is spot on with truly intense shades and longevity wise we're talking all day lasting power here with no creasing, fading or smudging throughout the day. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that the Sigma individual shadows are as good as my beloved MAC and Urban Decay shadows - if not even easier to work with! You can check out Snoop, Notre Dame and Resist in my full review 'Sigma Powder Eyeshadows Review', including full shade descriptions and swatches.

The Sigma Beauty Enlight Blush Collection features 3 lovely shades, with Serene and Mellow being my favourites and everyday go-to picks. They are simply perfect when you want a touch of blush but need something a touch more natural in tone. I reach for Serene and Mellow a lot when I've gone for a big eye look or a really bold and bright lip, and want something to calm the look down when going for blush. Just like the shadows, the formula is perfect. I've never experienced fall-out with these blushes, the colour pay-off is lovely but not so intense that you're cheeks look overdone and the finish looks natural. I have quite a few 'natural' toned blushes in my beauty stash, shades I feel much more confident both applying and wearing than bolder blushes, but these are by far my favourites and most used. At £9.50 each they won't break the bank, and I plan on branching out to more of Sigma's blushes soon. You can check out the Enlight collection in my full review 'Sigma Enlight Blush Collection', including shade descriptions and swatches.

Have you given any of the Sigma Beauty makeup range a try yet?