MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, worth the hype?

2 Feb 2015

A picture of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

I've done quite a few 'worth the hype?' posts recently, and they're a type of post I actually really enjoy writing. When I first started writing Tattooed Tealady, I didn't dabble much in high-end products and I kind of dismissed them on a whole. Over the years I've learnt that my skin is much happier with higher quality ingredients, and my makeup lasts much longer (and looks a lot better!) on my naturally oily skin with the high-end products I have in my stash now. But does that mean the products I dish out money on are always worth the hype?

A picture of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

A picture of MAC Mineralize Skinfinish

Everyone raves about the MAC MSF range, and whenever they release a new limited edition collection it's one of the products which sells out the quickest. My first encounter with a MAC MSF was Stereo Rose, and at the time I didn't quite understand why everyone seemed so obsessed, not only with an MSF but with Stereo Rose in particular. After adding Stereo Rose to my stash I totally got the obsession, and after that it was hard to resist both the permanent line and limited edition MSF's which were released.

I now own five MAC MSF's, one of which is from the permanent range and the other four are each from different limited edition collections over the past two years. Described as velvet-soft powders with a high-frost metallic finish, they are designed to be used as highlighters for cheeks and brows. Yet some of the MSF's I have in my stash can be used as blushers and even bronzers in the right season, making them a fantastic multi-purpose product.

Stereo Rose is one I often turn to as a blush, a soft dusty rose pink that would compliment any skin tone; it's no wonder it's an instant sell-out every time it's re-released in a new collection. Fairly Precious isn't too dissimilar to Stereo Rose; more subtle with peachy tones, it's another one which works just as well as a blush as it does as a highlight. Lust is one of my favourite products in the entire world, with a beautiful and completely unique pinky-purple shade that just works with my skin tone so damn well! I adore it, and I'm yet to find a highlighter which I adore as much as this one, a shade I always receive compliments on when I'm wearing it and possibly one of my favourite MAC purchases ever, too. 

Double Definition is a real beauty, with two gorgeous shades that can either be used individually or teamed together (making this one a real multi-purpose beauty with three shades in total to play with!). The lighter shade is a gorgeous gold with warm yellow undertones, the darker shade a warm bronze. Teamed together they make a beautiful subtle bronzed gold. Last but not least, the permanent shade in my MSF stash is Gold Deposit. This one is not for the faint hearted! A really shimmery copper bronze that is a regular in my routine in summer when I've managed to get a little tan going. 

I love the MSF's I have in my collection, but it's been a long while since I've been tempted to add another. Although I love them; the amount of product you get is amazing, the shades are beautiful with great pigmentation and the longevity is really, really good, they're also very expensive. At £23 a go, these aren't the cheapest highlighters to add to your collection and unless the shade is really stand out, I don't think I'll be adding any more to mine. That said, if you find a shade which you love then I really do think they're worth investing in! 

Have you got any MAC MSF's in your beauty stash? Do you think they're worth the hype too? You can check out the permanent range of MAC MSF's at