Four Serums for Oily Skin

23 Feb 2015

A picture of serums for oily and combination skin
A few years ago if you've mentioned a serum to me, I wouldn't have had a clue what you were on about. Yet now, serums are as important in my skincare routine as a good cleanser. When you suffer with oily skin, finding the right products for your skin can be really difficult. I think that's the case even more so with a lot of skincare products like serums, oils and treatments, because not everything will work for you and some products can even make your oily skin worse. It's taken a lot of serums over the years for me to find ones which work in harmony with my skin type, and these are my top four.

HealGel Intensive, 30ml £37.50.
HealGel Intensive has been a favourite serum of mine now ever since I first tried it in 2013 - in fact, from the very first use I had nothing but love for this serum, a holy grail product I simply couldn't be without now. With a unique formula, Intensive is a super effective multi-purpose skin rescue serum with a gel consistency that can be used anywhere on the body, not just the face (although I use it just as a facial serum!). Carefully selected ingredients work together to restore, protect and soothe skin, it works wonders to keep my skin happy and balanced whilst also reducing redness and giving me a clearer, brighter complexion. It also works really well at tackling discolouration and reducing puffiness, whilst soothing skin irritations - and for those of you with sensitive skin, to reduce sensitivity too. It feels instantly soothing on my skin, and also has a very subtle but calming scent that I just adore. An all round wonder product and must-have. 
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Easily one of the most expensive serums in my skincare stash but one which I think is really worth investing in if like me you're heading closer to 30 and are looking for an effective overnight treatment. A serum which works to target all the key signs of ageing with an exclusive ChronoluxCB Technology, it aids our skins natural nightly renewal. Targeting fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin smoother, hydrated and stronger, it is a favourite serum of mine for the colder months when my skin needs something with a bit more oomph. By morning I wake up with a happy complexion that looks more radiant and even in tone, softer tot he touch. 
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A new serum in my routine this year and the latest skincare innovation from REN, the Instant Firming Beauty Shot it is a favourite serum of mine for the mornings, whether going makeup free or followed by makeup. A liquid matrix of Hyaluronans, it works to supercharge skin, instantaneously firming, lifting and plumping skin. It makes my skin feel smoother, softer and hydrated, whilst giving an overall more youthful and brighter look to my complexion. A slightly thicker serum than others I've tried, it encourages Elastin synthesis and helps improve skin health over time with continued use. 

Last but not least, another serum which has been a favourite of mine for a good couple of years now and one which I absolutely adore. Leaving my skin instantly feeling so much softer to the touch, it has a beautiful scent and a formula that feels luxurious, whilst being instantly soothing once applied. It's another pricey one but with more ml than most serums, and I find it lasts absolutely ages! With the aim to recharge and renew tired skin with energy and vitality, it's an anti-ageing serum with provides skin with radiance and a youthful look that we can often struggle to achieve the older we get. Repairing Mitochondrial DNA, boosting the cellular function of our skin and making our skin overall more responsive, it utilises floral actives and has a whole host of skin-loving ingredients; Passionflower, Anchusa, Poppy, Calendula, Galanga and Araucaria to name but a few. One of the most beautiful serums you could ever use, by far, this is another one I'll always repurchase. The way it makes my skin look and feel is well worth the high-end price tag!
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Do you have any favourite serums for oily/combination skin?

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