The Winter Nudes

30 Jan 2015

A picture of winter nude lipsticks

During winter I experiment a lot more with eye makeup, and so I often go for a neutral nude lip to finish of a look instead of something bolder which would clash with my eyes. These are my three current favourites and go-to for a nude lip.

A picture of winter nude lipsticks

If you want a really subtle lip colour, the Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, £7.99, range is perfect! For a subtle nude lip I particularly love Brown Sugar, a lovely subtle nude the exact colour of crystallised brown sugar. It's the perfect mix of a warm nude without being over-powering and for a lip butter, has lovely colour pay-off. I also love how moisturising and comfortable on the lip the Revlon Lip Butters feel, much kinder on winter lips than my usual matte favourites (full review & swatches here).

Another favourite high-street range for me is the Maybelline Coloursens Nude Lipstick, £6.99, range. I am such a big fan of Maybelline lipsticks - officially my favourite brand on the high-street for lip products, and their nude range is perfect. It's not the biggest range; there's currently five shades in total, and I own three. My current go-to is a warmer nude from the range, 740 Coffee Craze, which is a warm nude a touch darker than Brown Sugar, with amazing pigmentation and lasting power. This is another range which feels really comfortable when on, I cannot recommend Maybelline lipsticks enough! You can check out my rave review of this range and the shades I own here.

Last but not least, no matter what shade I'm currently obsessing over, you're always guaranteed to find a MAC offering in the mix! MAC Honey Love, £15.50, is not only one of my favourite go-to nudes, but for a long time now it has been one of my favourite MAC lipsticks ever. It's just the most perfect classic nude; a warm toned nude with has a look of honey and my favourite MAC matte finish. Shade wise it's the perfect in between of Brown Sugar and Coffee Craze! You can check out my full collection of MAC nude lipsticks here.

What's your go-to winter nude?