Nu Cosmetic Clinic Nottingham

11 Jan 2015

A picture of Nu Cosmetic Clinic Nottingham
One for all the local lovelies, it’s time to introduce Nu Cosmetic Clinic Nottingham. You may have noticed their banner in my sidebar over the past couple of months, but today I'm going to tell you a little bit more about this new Nottingham based clinic!

Based on College Street (near the Nottingham Playhouse), Nu Cosmetic Clinic Nottingham has a team of medical specialists who use the latest technology in state-of-the-art facilities. Whereas aesthetic medicine was once only for those who had a lot of money, over the years it has become a much more affordable practice. Aesthetic medicine doesn't just include the common procedures of breast augmentation or nose jobs that you might think, but a practice which covers much, much more.
Utilising the latest scientific and technological advances, the range of treatments Nu Cosmetic Clinic Nottingham offer is endless. There’s the treatments you’d normally associate with aesthetic medicine; cosmetic surgery such as breast enlargements/reductions, nose corrections and hair transplants. But then there’s the treatments which are less evasive, and can truly change a person’s life. These treatments include laser acne treatment, laser Rosacea treatment, facial skin peels and much, much more.

Nu Cosmetic Clinic Nottingham offer five simple steps to getting you where you want to be. Step one is a free and discreet consultation, with highly trained patient co-ordinators. These patient co-ordinators are trained to specifically deal with each individual case as exactly that; individual. Step two is a free and discreet consultation with a surgeon. This follows on from your meeting with the patient co-ordinators, where you will take time to fully discuss not just the outcome you’re hoping for from a treatment, but by providing you with the right education and information to ensure the treatment is the right treatment for you. Step three is a pre-operative screening with an experience nurse, where the aim is to ensure you are fit and healthy, both physically and mentally, for the procedure you’re hoping to have. It’s of the utmost importance to Nu Cosmetic Clinic Nottingham that every patient arrives at the decision which is best for them and only them. Step four is the treatment/surgery, and step five is after-care. Throughout each step, regardless of treatment, Nu Cosmetic Clinic Nottingham put the patient’s best interests at the top of their priority.

For more information about Nu Cosmetic Clinic Nottingham, you can check out the full website here, alongside patient stories which you can find here

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