NARS palettes, worth the hype?

25 Jan 2015

A picture of NARS eyeshadow palettes

NARS is one of my favourite high-end brands and whenever they release a new limited edition palette, I'm like a magpie to something shiny. I simply cannot resist! But after one too many impulse buys, and a lot of money thrown away for very expensive palettes, do I really think NARS limited edition palettes are worth the hype?

A picture of NARS Narsissist eyeshadow palette
A picture of NARS Ride Up To The Moon, And God Created the Woman and Fairy's Kiss eyeshadow palettes

I am the worst for buying limited edition products on impulse, and that's been the case for every single one of my NARS palettes. Usually I'm pretty careful when buying makeup - I read reviews, do my research, check out swatches and if I can get to it in person, go and swatch it for myself. I am not by heart the type to throw money at expensive products on impulse without knowing that product will be worth the cash first. Yet with every one of my NARS palettes, I've been completely swept up in the hype and ordered them (sometimes even pre-ordering), without a clue about even what the products will look like on my skin! 

The first three limited edition NARS palettes I added to my stash were all quite petite, each housing six shades with a handy compact mirror. I'll admit, when they arrived I was pretty taken aback by how small they were and how small the shades were - when I pay upwards of £30 per palette, I expect the shades to be of pretty decent size but all of the shades in the 6-pan palettes are pretty small. That said, I'm yet to finish an eyeshadow palette so I suppose the size of each shade doesn't really matter (has anyone else ever completely finished a palette?).

And God Created the Woman was the first palette to join my stash, and a palette which completely took the beauty scene by storm! It sold out almost instantly, and any time it came back in stock it was gone within hours again. This is one popular palette! There's no denying it's a stunning palette, every shade housed inside is utterly beautiful as well as highly pigmented and an ease to use. It's a dreamy creation that has easily found its way into my 'favourites' pile time and time again (full review here).

Next to find their way into my beauty stash was Ride Up To The Moon and Fairy's Kiss, which were both released at the same time, and I couldn't resist the urge of either. Ride Up To The Moon is one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes ever, and I love Fairy's Kiss too - although that gets a lot less use as I need to get more confident with the more purple/lavender tones many of the shades have. Some of the shades in Ride Up To The Moon are my go-to shades for autumn and winter makeup looks, and I'm completely besotted with it (full review here).

The most recent limited edition NARS palette I added to my collection was the Narsissist palette, one which I've actually seen get pretty mixed reviews. It seems like NARS fans either loved or hated this one - personally? I adore it. Almost three times the size of the 6-pan palettes, the Narsisissist palette houses 15 shadows ranging from light neutrals to smouldering darks. A couple of the shades aren't as pigmented as I'm used to with NARS palettes (mainly a couple of the paler shades), but other than that it's just as beautiful as the other NARS palettes in my stash and perfect for a variety of looks (full review here).

Yes, NARS limited edition palettes can be eye-watering expensive at times, but I don't regret a single one. I like products of high-quality which last and make themselves worth the high price tag, and NARS palettes do exactly that. The colour pay-off, the ease of application and how effortless they are to blend as well as the longevity? All spot on. The shade combinations in the palettes are always dreamy and I'm a sucker for NARS packaging. Do I think NARS limited edition products are absolute must-haves? No, they're an indulgent treat and there's a huge variety of budget-friendly palettes out there which are just as good. But I love each and every one of my NARS palettes - and I suspect they won't be the last of limited edition palettes to join my beauty stash.