The everyday bag | Fiorelli Mia Grab Bag

2 Jan 2015

A picture of the Fiorelli Mia Grab Bag
Handbags have always been a weakness of mine. Just a quick look in my wardrobe will show you that – bags of all sizes, colours and brands. I like different bags for different occasions, brighter bags in summer, and darker bags in the colder months. Big bags, small bags and everything in-between. I have a thing for bags. Yet finding that perfect everyday bag has always been a hard one for me; I’ll find the right colour, but it wouldn't be the right size, or it’ll perfect size and a colour that just isn't me. That was until the Fiorelli Mia Grab Bag* £55 came into my life.

A picture of the Fiorelli Mia Grab Bag

Perfect in every way, the Mia is beautiful. A classic black, it’s the perfect colour for an everyday bag, the one colour that goes with everything. But it’s the style and size of this bag which I love the most. It’s the perfect in between of being small without being too petite, but big enough to fit everything I need inside. There’s three main compartments, with an extra, smaller compartment on the front which is perfect for fitting in your phone or travel cards when out.

The centre section is the biggest, with a little inside zip and two little compartments perfect for my travel mirror and coin purse. The two outer sections are the same size and great for storing everything from gloves and a brolly to your on-the-go makeup bag. The inside of each compartment is a gorgeous deep purple, which goes so well with the black, the little detailing and silver hardware.

I've never tried anything from Fiorelli before, and I have to admit I am seriously impressed with the quality of this bag. There’s not a bad stitch in sight, and it holds up so well no matter how much I shove in there – my biggest problems with bags in the past has been the stitching coming loose, yet the Mia Grab Bag is so well made I think I could put a whole house in there and it’d be fine! I also really love the little Fiorelli detailing; it’s subtle and chic, without being too full on.

For my first dabble into Fiorelli, I think it’s safe to say all my other handbags have been well and truly pushed to the side. There’s no bag I reach for any more, whether it’s a quick walk to the shops, a day out shopping with friends or even an evening meal out. It’s perfect for any occasion.

What’s your go-to everyday bag?

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