Feel Unique Hair Heroes Beauty Box

27 Jan 2015

A picture of Feel Unique Hair Heroes Beauty Box

Towards the end of last year I shared with you an exciting new launch from Feel Unique, the new range of Feel Unique Beauty Boxes. Today I'm delving inside one of these gorgeous boxes with three must-have products, the Feel Unique Hair Heroes Box!

Presented in a black beauty box with matching ribbon, the Hair Heroes box* costs £34.50, with a total product value of £51.20. Each product inside has been specifically selected for being products which go above and beyond in ensuring your hair is kept happy and healthy. Each of the products inside would be suitable for any hair type, and each has become a part of my everyday routine.

A picture of Feel Unique Hair Heroes Beauty Box

Philip Kingsley Elasticiser, 75ml - £15
I've tried this cult product before, and I'm a big fan! Originally created specifically for none other than the beautiful Audrey Hepburn, it's a pre-shampoo intensive moisturising treatment which aims to improve elasticity by repairing hair, whilst adding a natural bounce and shine to hair alongside UV protection. It's great for all hair types but even better for colour treated hair. Application is super easy; before shampooing, apply to damp hair and leave on for 10-15 minutes (or however long you desire, as leaving it on longer won't cause damage to your hair), before rinsing out and shampooing and conditioning as normal. My hair always feels stronger after using this, a must-have weekly treatment for me!

RedKen Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine, 100ml - £23.95
The most expensive product in the Hair Heroes box is a beautifully presented hair oil from a favourite brand of mine, RedKen. Advertised as best for normal and fine hair, but suitable for any hair which needs a pick me up, it's a beautiful addition to my dressing table and one I've been turning to over all other hair oils recently. An oil which can be used in tons of ways; on damp hair after washing, mixed in with your conditioner for a boosting treatment, on dry hair to tame flyaways or an overnight treatment to name just a few ways this beauty can be used, it utilises RedKen's multi-faceted 'Shine Strong Complex'. Infusing hair with a nourishing and repairing blend of Coriander and Apricot oils, it helps to transform dull and damaged hair by sealing in moisture, conditioning and adding a natural, healthy shine.

Tangle Teezer Metallic Gold Rush Compact Styler Instant Detangling Brush - £12.25
A product which has pleasantly surprised me, I've actually tried a Tangle Teezer before and didn't get on with it at all - so much so I wrote a post, 'Tangle Teezer - Why it's NOT worth the hype'. The first Tangle Teezer I tried simply did not work for me; I found it awkward to hold and painful to use with no magic 'wow' factor that everyone else boosts about. Yet this smaller, compact and gorgeously designed gold Tangle Teezer? I love it! It feels completely different to the one I tried all that time ago, and I love reaching for it straight out of the shower as well as popping in my handbag for on the go. I think the difference in design is the main reason why my mind has been changed on this cult product - and I'm so glad I can finally love Tangle Teezer as much as everyone else now!

Have you tried any of the Feel Unique beauty boxes?

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