The Muji Storage

21 Jan 2015

A picture of Acrylic Muji Storage
When you’re as obsessed with makeup as me, you soon build up such a stash of products that you try anything and everything to store them in the most convenient way possible. I've previously shared my dressing table, which has a huge bottom drawer for storing the majority of my beauty stash in (see here), but like a lot of beauty bloggers, I can’t help but adore Muji for perfect makeup storage, too.

A picture of Acrylic Muji Storage

A picture of Acrylic Muji Storage

A picture of Acrylic Muji Storage

I actually spent a good year or so avoiding the Muji acrylic storage. It seemed like such a blogger cliché to own them, because literally everyone has them! But after trying other acrylic storage alternatives which simply were not big enough for my collection, I gave in and ordered myself some Muji storage!

I have three pieces in total. Two of the Muji Acrylic 5 Drawer Box sets, £24.95, alongside one Muji Acrylic Box 1 Drawer Wide, £7.95. Originally I just had the 5 drawers, but after realising they fit most things in except my bases, I picked up the single wide drawer for my bases too.

I find the Muji acrylic storage to be exceptionally sturdy. There’s been a few times I've worried whether I've filled them with too much which would make them too heavy, or even accidentally jammed the drawers by misplacing products and had to persuade them to carefully open again. But never once have any of the drawers been damaged, scratched or even marked. They even managed a house-move with no problem! For me, that justifies the cost of storage like this – plus it’s pretty being able to see your products as they’re clear acrylic!   

I'm constantly changing the layout of the top of my dressing table, and currently I have all of my Muji storage stacked up one on top of the other. Again, I was worried this would be a little too heavy on the lower drawers and make them hard to open, but I've been pleasantly surprised that each opens with perfect ease, plus it takes up a lot less space on my dressing table having them stacked up like this!

The bottom 5 drawer storage is a disgusting display of my lip product stash. I say disgusting; mainly because I genuinely think it is ridiculous to own this many lip products. But what can I say? I just love a bold lip! Each drawer is home to a different array of lip products; the bottom drawer houses my addiction to lip glosses, next there’s a drawer of both liquid and pencil lip products, then there’s two drawers of my high-end lipsticks followed by a final top drawer of lip liners and budget lip products.

The second 5 drawer storage above is everything but lip products (OK, I lie – there’s one larger lipstick from Tarte in there which didn't fit in the bottom storage). The bottom drawer covers slim eyeshadow palettes, then we have a drawer of individual shadows (cream, powder and mineral), followed by a drawer of mascaras, then contouring products and setting powders, with the top drawer housing a couple more slim palettes and my compact bases.

As I mentioned earlier, the wide single drawer storage is for my bases. It’s just the right size for all my bases (except my MAC Face and Body Foundation which is huge and gets stashed in my dressing table drawer). I've been tempted to get another wide drawer to add to my stash, but over the past year I've also been trying to cut down on my beauty stash so I've held off so far, in the hopes it’ll stop me buying more makeup in an attempt to fill it up!

The top of my Muji acrylic storage doesn't go to waste, either. Home to my acrylic lipstick stand (see here), a little teacup of my miniature products from various gift sets and beauty boxes that I'm trying to get through, and my eyeliner pot (as well as sharpeners and a favourite Clarins primer!).

I know for a lot of people the amount of makeup I have will be utterly ridiculous and inconceivable, but I like love makeup. If like me you have a sickening amount of products to keep organised and you've been considering the ever-popular Muji storage, I genuinely cannot recommend them enough! It makes my beauty stash so much more organised, I can see which products are where so they’re quick and easy to reach, and they’re really high-quality, too.

Do you have any acrylic Muji storage? Do you think they’re ‘worth the hype’? I’d love to hear how you store your makeup, especially any nifty DIY ideas! You can also check out the rest of my makeup storage collection here.