Manic Panic Lipstick

15 Jan 2015

A picture of Manic Panic Lipsticks

Manic Panic is a popular brand for bold hair colours, but it’s only recently I became aware of their cosmetics range. Falling in love with the packaging of their lipsticks, I couldn't resist adding two to my beauty stash. Bold black and silver with the Manic Panic logo and tops dotted with rhinestones, they are gorgeous! But are the lipsticks as amazing as the packaging?

A picture of Manic Panic Kiss of Death and Mystic Heather Lipsticks

I'm a sucker for deep reds, especially in winter when there’s nothing I love more than finishing a look with warm, berry red tones. Manic Panic Kiss of Death Lipstick, £8.99, is unlike any other warm red in my stash, mainly due to the finish. Super fine red and golden shimmer gives Kiss of Death a glistening semi-metallic finish, whilst the shade itself is a beautiful warm blood red.

Another colour I adore for lipsticks is purple, and I have quite a few in my stash – but mainly from high-end brands, so it’s lovely to have a more budget-friendly option in my collection. Manic Panic Mystic Heather Lipstick, £8.99, is a cool toned purple with pink undertones and a flattering semi-matte finish.

The colour pay-off for both shades is unbelievable. One application provides intense opaque colour, with longevity that means I don’t have to wear a lip-liner to ensure they stay in place. The formula is pretty light-weight for such intense pigmentation, and feels very comfortable when on without drying my lips out. I'm genuinely so impressed!


  1. I absolutely adore the packaging for all of Anna Sui's Lipsticks.
    I love the Kiss of death shade
    Twitter: @marianaranga

  2. The packaging for the Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipstick collection I love! It's smooth and has a really nice feel to it. The gold colour is a classic too! For me the Manic Panic Mystick Heather Lipstick would fit great in my makeup bag! Twitter- @Lucy_Rose97

  3. I love metallic lipstick packaging! Maybe with a little lip brush attached!! Love the Kiss of Death shade 😂 @Top_cat81

  4. The Kat Von D studded kiss lipstick packaging is ace! Anything rock chick or sparkly looks good when you pull it out of your handbag :-)
    Kiss of Death is to die for, beautiful shade!
    Twitter: indie_amylou

  5. My favourite packaging for lipstick would be something like the Kat Von D lipstick bullets or something like CT lipsticks.
    The Manic Lipstick packaging actually looks great too! something different.
    I would have to say I am torn between both but I would love Mystic Heather.

    My twitter handle is @Naffy_786 and my email address is :)

    Hope you're having a wonderful day xxx

  6. My perfect lipstick packaging would have to be of the Barry M lipsticks. Although they're not that decorative, I think they are wonderful for a budget brand. They always feel really sturdy and they're a beautiful matte black that feels lovely to hold.
    Kiss of death looks like an absolutely beautiful shade and the shimmer makes it sound very unique. So I would love to win it!
    My email is :)

  7. Like many others, my favourite lipstick packaging is absolutely the Kat Von D Studded lipsticks - they are amazing!

    If I were to win I would love the Kiss of Death shade!

    Twitter: @JamHeart

  8. i love guelain, i got is as a lip balm for a bday and i love the packaging!

    i would love Mystic Heather

    @fullafizzy (twitter)
    fflconteh [at] mail [dot] com

  9. I love the Kat Von D studded kiss lipsticks, they look amazing in my lipstick holders. I would love Mystic Heather as purples are my favourite x

    Through New Eyes | Beauty Blog

  10. My perfect lipstick packaging would be a tube lipstick (similar to Urban Decay in diameter) in a lovely white silver metallic finish with a magnetic closure! If ever possible! I'd love to win Kiss of Death (so kind to do a giveaway!) My twitter handle is @angelflicks_ ! I hope I win as I've never tried Manic Panic lipstick before!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  11. I loved a lipstick I bought in Selfriges. Cannot remember the brand but it had a mirror AND a light on it!!! Love the shade kiss of death, thank you xxx
    Rose aka (@milkymoles)

  12. I'd love a duochrome finish lipstick packaging with a metallic closure :D
    I love the look of Mystic Heather :) my twitter is @becaserendipity
    Beca xx

  13. Rose gold packaging just looks so nice to me, and I really love that Kiss of Death shade.
    My twitter is @celerymonsteree

  14. I love just simple, black, matte packaging.. But a cool 3d effect you could stare at would be cool as well!

    1. I would love to win Mystic Heather! Sorry I'm posting twice, but these sites just don't work well with iPad.. :/ /

  15. I loveee Kat Von D's Studded Kiss packaging! So simple but I think it looks great, I love anything that looks rocky/punk!
    I think the Mystic Heather shade is gorgeous!

    Kayleigh // Ramblings and Walkabouts

  16. The Kat Von D studded packaging is one of my favourites. I love the MAC lipstick aswell they are simple. The kiss of death looks amazing. @kezzy_louise x

  17. I love the packaging on these lippies!
    Would love to have seen some swatches.
    Particularly like the look of Mystic Heather.

    If I could design my own packaging, it would be blood red with a shiny finish. And it would have the name of the shade on the side in tattoo style font.


  18. I love Lime Crimes Lipsticks with the unicorn!!
    I like Mystic heather :)

    Melissa ||

  19. I love the packaging on these lipsticks and also love the packaging for Urban Decay's revolution lipsticks.

    If I could design my own packaging it would be black with a tattoo style pin-up girl on each one. Each shade would have a different pin-up to show the individuality of the shade!

    I would love Mystic Heather!

    My email is

  20. I love the Benefit Hydra Smooth Lip Color packages as they're really different with e very unique shape.
    My ideal packaging would be something along those lines, with a distinctive shape and pastel coloured casing.

    I would love the Kiss of Death shade.

    My email is, and my twitter username is @alicephillipss

    Alice x

  21. I'd absolutely love to win the Mystic Heather lipstick - I've been looking for a purple lipstick for ages as it's my fave colour and I've been unable to find one with the same high quality as these :]
    Twitter: emjcontrol

  22. Kiss of Death looks like my kind of colour. I love the look of this but also recently fallen for Lipstick Queen's packaging, although not the prices!

  23. Gotta say, I'm all about Lime Crime's lipstick packaging.. holographic unicorns are so me... Though I'd like it on a black base not mauve.
    I'm loving the shade Mystic Heather - I'm a sucker for purple lippy!


  24. kiss of death would be the colour i chose. id have the package glow in the dark so i can find it when its at the bottom of my bag lol! twitter id is @cat_lady_86 email

  25. A satin brushed chrome effect. Square, but with the edges slightly rounded. Maybe a band of mother of pearl where the cap meets the base. Oh, and weighty, so it feels expensive and luxurious! Preferably containing a shade such as Kiss Of Death, which sounds right up my street! @0okelebeko0

  26. My perfect lipstick packaging would be something blue and glittery, it would just be perfect!

    My favourite lipstick of these two has to be Kiss of Death >.< @Alyssia_Rose

  27. I love Lipstick Queen's packaging — they just feel really nice! Can't explain it better, but they're definitely my favourites of the ones I've tried (Charlotte Tillbury looks gorgeous in photos though). Kiss of Death looks beautiful! I'm @yumeish on Twitter :)

  28. I like the kate Moss for Rimmel packaging, because it is Queen Kate, but also love kat Von D's edgy lippie designs.
    It had to be Kiss of Death for me :)
    My Twitter handle is @TheGemmaDavison (original I know)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  29. I had no idea Manic Panic had a cosmetics range, I've been using their hair dye for years! I've never had any complaints about the dye, so I'm guessing the cosmetics are just as good!

    I'm a sucker for spikes and studs, so definitely something that has both of those themes. I love doddleing too, so I would have a little hand drawn picture on the lid, that reflects the name of the colour. Of course the names would all have references to my favourite TV shows.

    I love the look of the 'Kiss of Death'. I've never been brave enough to try any other colours, I'm comfortable with reds so I tend to stay with them. You would think with me being so adventurous with my hair, that a different colour lipstick wouldn't be a problem!


    Kirstie ||

  30. My favourite lipstick packaging is probably the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks. I would love kiss of death!

  31. @SusieWilkinson
    I love the Manic Panic Mystic Heather Lipstick, it's a gorgeous shade of purple, and I do tend to wear purples/blues/greys/blacks.
    I love the design of this packaging, I'm really into skulls, although I'm not as much of a goth these days! Generally, I just like the packaging to be secure so that the lip doesn't come off and ruin my bag.

  32. I love anything rock or glam ^_~ I would love to try Manic Panic Kiss of Death Lipstick too


  33. Lime crimes packing is so nice, especially the carousel gloss bottles. I like decorative bottles and labels that catch my eye when it comes to packaging. Kiss of Death Is such a beautiful colour. My twitter hand is mc_kaylag and email Mic x

  34. I think the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks probably have my favourite packaging. I love the colour and how smoothly they close.

    I would looove to win Kiss of Death!

    1. Woops, my email is

  35. Kat Von D's studded lipstick packaging crossed with Charlotte Tilbury's gold packaging would be perfect! Studs and gold :)
    Also, I'd love to win the Kiss of Death lipstick..

    Twitter: @laurenkate27

  36. The old urban decay with the mini sword. My makeup is my weapon. Mystic heather <3

  37. My ideal lipstick tube would be made of brushed rose-gold... an unbreakable, solid work of art like they used to be before plastic took over.
    I love the Kiss of Death shade! It's gorgeous.

  38. A lipstick package that come with slide out compartments that hold other shades. So like you could in your top 5 shades and press a button and have it slide out. That would be funky :)

    Kiss of death!! Its so bold and beautiful.