Manic Panic Lipstick

15 Jan 2015

A picture of Manic Panic Lipsticks

Manic Panic is a popular brand for bold hair colours, but it’s only recently I became aware of their cosmetics range. Falling in love with the packaging of their lipsticks, I couldn't resist adding two to my beauty stash. Bold black and silver with the Manic Panic logo and tops dotted with rhinestones, they are gorgeous! But are the lipsticks as amazing as the packaging?

A picture of Manic Panic Kiss of Death and Mystic Heather Lipsticks

I'm a sucker for deep reds, especially in winter when there’s nothing I love more than finishing a look with warm, berry red tones. Manic Panic Kiss of Death Lipstick, £8.99, is unlike any other warm red in my stash, mainly due to the finish. Super fine red and golden shimmer gives Kiss of Death a glistening semi-metallic finish, whilst the shade itself is a beautiful warm blood red.

Another colour I adore for lipsticks is purple, and I have quite a few in my stash – but mainly from high-end brands, so it’s lovely to have a more budget-friendly option in my collection. Manic Panic Mystic Heather Lipstick, £8.99, is a cool toned purple with pink undertones and a flattering semi-matte finish.

The colour pay-off for both shades is unbelievable. One application provides intense opaque colour, with longevity that means I don’t have to wear a lip-liner to ensure they stay in place. The formula is pretty light-weight for such intense pigmentation, and feels very comfortable when on without drying my lips out. I'm genuinely so impressed!