Have you heard of Karma Se7en?

15 Jan 2015

A picture of Karma Se7en
Just a look at my blog name – Tattooed Tealady – makes it pretty obvious that I love body modification. But long before I started using my body as a canvas, it was piercings which held my attention; and still do!

I actually had my first piercings at a very young age. Before I was six months old on my first family holiday to Cyprus, I had both of my ears pierced. Some may think it’s a little odd to pierce a babies ears, especially at such a young age, but it’s somewhat of a tradition in Cypriot families. I still have the very same earrings I wore when my ears were pierced (well, one of them…). Cypriot gold with a dark jewel in the centre. After that, it was 15 years before I caught the piercing bug again.

At 15 I managed to persuade my mother to let me get my tragus pierced. For years throughout high school there were a few piercings I’d wanted; my eyebrow (90’s cliché) and my tongue. In the end we agreed on my tragus because it was easy to hide and more discreet. After that came my other tragus’, then a couple of years later I went all out; lips, navel, nose, nipples (sorry for the TMI!). Over the years I've had 16 piercings in total, with just 8 remaining – including one lobe which I have stretched over the years. I love piercings, and the way like all body modifications they allow you the freedom to experiment and explore your individuality.   

Over the years I've built up quite a collection of body jewellery for my various piercings and stretched lobe, and over the years I've also noticed the increasing lack of quality in the jewellery I buy directly from piercing studios. Body jewellery that costs a lot, but doesn't last long – and in most cases, with the jewellery completely falling apart. Tunnels and plugs for my stretched lobe breaking and sometimes even literally snapping in half, jewels for piercing jewellery falling out. It becomes an expensive habit to keep replacing everything! Thankfully, I've found a solution.

A picture of Karma Se7en
Image Source c/o Karma Se7en

I was recently introduced to Karma Se7en – you may have noticed their banner in my sidebar over the past couple of months. Karma Se7en is a body jewellery website which not only offers unique, high-quality body jewellery, but at unbeatable prices too! How, I hear you ask? Karma Se7en is the only website in the world to offer ‘buy one choose one free’ on their entire (and very expansive) range of body jewellery. How good is that?! The offer isn't limited to any particular ranges or type of body jewellery, nor do you have to select two of the same pieces to receive the offer – it covers the entire range! They also offer worldwide delivery - so anyone, anywhere in the world can take advantage of their unbeatable offer.

The website itself is one of the most user-friendly body jewellery websites I've come across. There’s relevant pages for different types of jewellery as well as different types of piercing, but what I find most helpful is the quick filter sidebar which lets you select the exact type of jewellery you’re after, with everything from barbells to BCR’s, spirals, plugs and tunnels and even tools. Alternatively you can also browse by material type (which makes it super easy for anyone sensitive to certain materials), of which Karma Se7en have a huge variety including gold, black titanium, diamond, surgical steal and wood and horn to name but a few!

If you like changing up your body jewellery regularly, (or like me have a partner whose also heavily pierced and always stealing your body jewellery), then Karma Se7en is the perfect way to stock up on unique and beautiful pieces of body jewellery!

*This is a sponsored post - Disclaimer