Bobbi Brown beauty books, worth the hype?

1 Jan 2015

A picture of Bobbi Brown Beauty Books
For a long time now, Bobbi Brown has been my favourite high-end brands. There's something about Bobbi Brown products which just stand out for me. The quality is always phenomenal, I love the sleek yet bold packaging, with formulas that work wonderfully with my skin to keep my makeup looking freshly applied all day. But there's something else I adore about Bobbi Brown, and that's the ever-expanding range of beauty books.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro, £20
The first Bobbi Brown beauty book I added to my bookshelf was the Makeup Manual, probably the most well-known and raved about of the Bobbi Brown books, and still my favourite to this day. What I love about the Makeup Manual, is how much it covers. We're not just talking makeup here, but everything from skincare basics to using the right makeup to enhance your look, covering head-to-toe beauty. There's a huge variety of skin tones, face shapes, eye colours and more covered within the Makeup Manual, which I find fantastic because Bobbi Brown recognises that not every makeup look will look the same on every face shape/complexion/eye colour. This book is perfect for everyone from absolute makeup beginners to those who are experts.

Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful, £15.99
The second book I added to my stash, Pretty Powerful is an empowering read. A beauty guide which centres around Bobbi Brown's philosophy; that we are all beautiful, all pretty powerful, with step-by-step guides alongside personal stories from real women and celebrities. Bobbi Brown makeup isn't about masking who you are, it's about enhancing the beauty you already have - and this book covers that perfectly.

Bobbi Brown Living Beauty, £14.99
When I decided to add Living Beauty to my collection, I must admit I didn't realise what age the book was aimed at. A book which redefines beauty for women over forty, it's a book which I will get more out of when I'm older, but a book I've enjoyed none-the-less. Full to the brim with makeup tips and tricks, Bobbi Brown provides perfect alternatives to more drastic fixes like cosmetic surgery, teaching women all over the world how to get the best from what they already have.

Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes, £8.79
The newest beauty book to be released by Bobbi Brown and one I have devoured from cover-to-cover, this is easily one of my favourites and as good as the Makeup Manual. If like me you have a love for eyeshadow and experimenting with eye looks is your favourite thing to do makeup wise, then this is without a doubt, a must-have book for you. With expert tips for achieving beautiful, show-stopping eyes, Everything Eyes covers basic eye care, essential makeup techniques and products, alongside step-by-step looks. There's even specific sections and looks for different eye colours as well as looks perfect for those beauties who wear glasses, as well as picking the right eye wear for you.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I think the Bobbi Brown beauty books are worth the hype. They've all been fantastic reads, and books I go back to regularly. I love the way each book approaches beauty, and how Bobbi Brown's beautiful philosophy on both women and beauty shines through with each one.