Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Lip

3 Dec 2014

A picture of the Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Lip set

A picture of the Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Lip set

A picture of the Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Lip set
Something I really wish British brand would take note from with America is the amazing value and budget-friendly sets beauty brands put together. I don't know about anyone else, but the easiest and quickest way to get me addicted to a brand, is with a sample size. It's the whole reason I love monthly beauty boxes so much; they give you the chance to try products you wouldn't necessarily want to fork out for without knowing it's actually going to do the job. I'm very much the same with high-end makeup brands. There's so many brands I want to try, yet the prices are a little bit more than I can justify or indulge in often. 

I've had my eye on Sephora Favourites sets for a long time now. It seems all the American YouTubers I watch include at least one set in with every haul, a box of gorgeous products at a hugely discounted price compared to the value of products inside. I've placed two Sephora orders now, and with my most recent I decided it was about time I gave one of these sets a try for myself.

A lot of the sets give you over $100 in saving (if you'd bought each product included individually), but I already had a pretty full basket so decided on one of the cheaper sets, the Sephora Favourites Give Me Some Lip. At $25/£15.97 with a product value of $90/£57.51, it was a bit of a steal buy and I couldn't resist! There's six products included, all lip products of course, including glosses, lipsticks, tints, lacquers and balms. Most of the products are travel or sample size, with one full size product and the shades vary from pale pinks and nudes to bolder berries and subtle glosses.

There's a mini Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in the shade Naked, which was the next shade on my Urban Decay lipstick list. I blooming love Urban Decay lipsticks, they have the most gorgeous creamy formula that glides on and leaves my lips feeling soft and moisturised throughout the day, with intense pigmentation and great longevity. Naked is a warm peachy nude, perfect for an everyday lip and this little mini will be going in my handbag so I always have a perfect nude lipstick for emergencies (am I the only one who forgets their makeup bag when going out for the entire day?)

I've never tried Buxom before, but the mini Buxom Full on Lip Cream in White Russian smells so darn delicious, I think it's a good starting point! It smells like a Vanilla Yankee Candle. A pale sheer gloss, it's a lovely pale pink which would work well above any nude lip, but with enough pigmentation to be a nice simple lip when worn alone. 

We all know I adore NARS, right. Well that love multiplies when their products are in deluxe sample form. Included in the Give Me Some Lip set was a Deluxe NARS Orgasm Lip Gloss, the perfect gloss to the cult blush shade, probably one I'll turn to more in summer but beautiful all the same.

I've been trying to resist Marc Jacobs new (well, not so new now) beauty line for so long, but I've finally tried my first product - a mini Lust for Lacquer in the shade Kissability. The packaging is so sleek, a warm pink with the slightest berries tones and a fine golden iridescent shimmer.

Another brand I've been wanting to try for a while now is Bite. It seems everyone who shops at Sephora has tried their lip products, and every review is positive. Included in the set is a deluxe Bite High Pigment Lip Pencil in the beautiful spiced berry shade Meritage. I haven't worn this one yet, but expect a full review when I do! 

Last but not least, the full sized product included in the Give Me Some Lip set is a Smashbox Be Legendary Gloss in the shade Pout. Now, I'll be honest. Looking at it? I'm not a fan. It looks like a pale milky cream, and it doesn't look like a shade that would compliment my Mediterranean skin tone at all. When applied it has a very sheer almost frosty look to it, and if lightly dabbed onto the lip with your finger to tone down the intensity, there's the most subtle touch of pink. A perfect finishing touch to a look with bold eyes and contouring, when you want something more subtle and easy on the lips.

Have you tried a Sephora Favourites set yet?