Inkmedix Tattoo Aftercare

30 Dec 2014

A picture of Inkmedix After Care Oil

I've been getting tattooed for 9 years now, and over that time I've used my fair share of after care products. Although the build up to a tattoo is always exciting, it’s the after care process I concentrate on the most. You can spend all the money in the world on a tattoo – but if you don’t look after it properly, it won’t heal properly and ultimately, you can be left with a tattoo which is less than what you hoped for.

Trust me – I should know. My first handful of tattoos were done when I was pretty uneducated on body modification, and the tattooist I had at the time was nearing retirement with little care for the customers he had left. I was advised to use products which completely destroyed the quality of those first few tattoos, and ever since I've made sure that I take the upmost care when looking after a new tattoo.

I was recently introduced to Inkmedix Tattoo Oil* £14.99, a completely natural and vegan friendly product which is revolutionising the way we look after our tattoos as they heal. Presented in a beautifully designed 50ml bottle, Inkmedix is nothing like the thick creams and balms I'm used to; a light-weight natural oil which deeply moisturises whilst also allowing the skin to breathe and heal.

The consistency of Inkmedix is my favourite thing about it – when you have tattoos all over your body, apply creams and balms can often be uncomfortable and more often than not my clothes soak up more of the product that my actual skin. Inkmedix is completely different, because once gently massaged onto the skin it quickly and effectively sinks in, leaving no unwanted residue.

Utilising 9 skin-loving natural ingredients, it’s completely free of Parabens, Petroleum, synthetic colours or fragrances, being suitable for all skin types. Each ingredient has been specially hand-picked for its moisturising properties; whilst still promoting a healthy healing process, resulting in the vibrant and colourful tattoo you hoped for. Due to the consistency of Inkmedix, the bottle has been perfectly designed with a twist-up top, allowing ease of application without using too much product. What I've found most beneficial with Inkmedix compared to other after care products, is how easy it is to apply. There is nothing worse when your skin is red raw, swollen and sore after a tattoo, than having to try and massage in a cream, lotion or balm. Its effortless to apply, without causing any unnecessary irritation or soreness.

If you have a new tattoo in the pipeline, or simply want to continue taking care of the ones you already have, give this natural skin-loving offering a try. 

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