#dropeverything with iDBUS

17 Dec 2014

A picture of Disneyland Paris at Christmas
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If you were told to drop everything for a free trip to Paris, would you do it?

I would, that's for sure. Paris has been a dream destination for me for as long as I can remember. World renowned as one of the most romantic cities to visit, just thinking about Paris leaves me wishing I could be there now! Being able to visit famous landmarks, like Notre Dame, the Louvre and of course, the Eiffel Tower. But if I had to drop everything and head to Paris, do you know what I'd want to do most? Visit Disneyland. I know, I know. As a 26 year old, I should be well grown out of the Disney by now, but there's something very magical about Disneyland Paris, a place where everyone's inner child can roam free.

To celebrate the festive season and run up to Christmas, iDBUS are making people's dreams come true with amazing free tickets for unforgettable experiences. Just last Friday iDBUS made 44 students dream come true by asking them to #dropeverything and head on an impromptu trip to Paris. What's the catch, I hear you ask? They arrived at LSE, told all the students that they could be in with a chance of winning a free weekend in Paris, with just 30 minutes to drop everything, grab a bag and their passport, before getting back to the iDBUS before it headed off for Paris. Can you imagine how amazing that must have been for the students? You can watch the video below to see exactly what happened - and I've no shame in saying I am totally jealous of the amazing experience they all got to have! 

Sound amazing? It doesn't stop there. iDBUS also made 2 lucky people's day by offering a last minute trip, courtesy of iDBUS, as well as tweeting voucher codes worth £120 at random, for their fastest-fingered followers to #dropeverything for a free return trip ticket with uk.idbus.com. How amazing is that?! 

Keeping with the festive spirit, the fab team over at iDBUS have created a Christmas advent calendar, with each door revealing a hidden trip for 2 from London to the destination of your choice with iDBUS. Would you be willing to #dropeverything for a chance to win? With just a couple of doors left to open, this is one Christmas competition you can't afford to miss out on.

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