Blogosphere Magazine

29 Dec 2014

A picture of Blogosphere Magazine Issue 5
Now onto its 5th issue, I've been meaning to share my thoughts on Blogosphere Magazine for a while, a magazine that has left me eagerly awaiting each new issue. As the Beauty Editor for issue 5, now seemed like the perfect time to share my thoughts on this aptly named magazine.

Written for bloggers by bloggers, Blogosphere Magazine is a beautifully presented magazine which features bloggers from all spectrum's of the blogosphere, covering beauty, food and travel to name but a few of the categories which adorn each page. There are interviews with bloggers and YouTubers, advice and tips, as well as each section introducing you to amazing blogs and the bloggers behind them. Already a big fan of Blogosphere Magazine, I was hugely honoured to be asked to be the Beauty Editor for issue 5 – and overly excited to share some of my favourite bloggers with you all.

If you've considered picking up a copy before, but weren't sure if it was worth the money – it really is. There’s something special about being able to pick up a magazine entirely dedicated to blogging, on so many beautiful topics. A publication which both celebrates and shares the passion behind blogging and all those who blog; which has introduced me to more and more beautiful blogs with every issue. Blogosphere Magazine is a fantastic magazine with each and every page, the only magazine I've ever read cover to cover.