theBalm Brow Pow

11 Nov 2014

A picture of theBalm Brow Pow

A picture of theBalm Brow Pow in Light Brown
If I'm wearing makeup, I've done my brows. You'll never catch me without my brows done; naturally very sparse, more like distant cousins than sisters. I just don't feel like a look is complete without having my brows done. Over the years I've tried lots of different products and techniques, with pencils, powders, waxes and even gels, and I find it easiest to work with powder. The brow kits I have in my stash I absolutely love - Benefit Brow Zings has been a favourite for years now, with HD Brows Foxy Eye & Brow Palette being my go-to most days. The only problem is, Benefit is a touch too warm for my black hair and olive complexion, whilst HD brows is a touch too dark; I've never been able to find a good shade match, until now. 

theBalm Brow Pow Eyebrow Powder* (£11.81) is available in 3 shades; Blonde, Light Brown and Dark, I've been using shade Light Brown which is just the right shade for me. The powder is finer and lighter than others I've tried, so it's nicer to apply and easily gives the appearance of thicker, fuller brows. It's great for doing soft, subtle brows for more day-to-day looks, but also works well with more glamorous eye looks as the shade is complimentary, rather than stark and obvious.

At half the price of my usual favourites, as well as less bulky in size and packaging, I think theBalm Brow Pow might have won me over. It's so quick and easy to apply for the desired look, and I love how compact it is. I'm pretty sure this will be a definite repurchase...

What's your favourite brow product?

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