Let's talk about lipgloss

18 Nov 2014

A picture of Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown and Chanel lip glosses

It all started with a clear gloss. That was the 'in thing' back in the day when I was in high-school. Everyone had it, everyone wore it. I went through tube after tube of the same clear lipgloss year-in-year-out, in fact, for a long time it was the one and only piece of makeup I ever had in my makeup bag. The first makeup product I ever tried.

A lot has changed in the 15 years since I was a sheepish year 7 applying clear lipgloss before lessons and wondering why it had to feel so sticky, uncomfortable, thick. If I'm honest I don't even know why I wore it. My lips are naturally quite voluptuous as it is - clear lipgloss made it look as if I was constantly pouting. But I wasn't really into makeup much, and lipgloss - especially a colourless one - seemed like the easiest way to 'make an effort' without actually making an effort. Makeup and beauty products were never a big thing in my family - not only would my mother never have allowed me to wear makeup before I was 16 anyway (not even an exaggeration), but it wasn't something I was even interested in because it was never on offer in the first place. Clear lipgloss was the one compromise, and the only thing that was simple enough for me to want to bother with.

Yet all these years later, lipgloss is still one of my favourite products, a product I can never resist. Although the formula, quality and variety of products from high-street brands has massively improved, there's only a couple of brands I can rely on for a non-sticky formula, the Max Factor Color Elixir Lip Glosses (£7.99) (read review here) are lovely, which a variety of finishes and some lovely shades for any season. I also really love the formula of Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses, which are even more purse-friendly at £6.99

My real love for glosses is with the high-end offerings though, brands that made me realise that lipgloss didn't have to feel like lipgloss, with weightless formulas, the perfect consistency and long-lasting colour pay-off, not forgetting a better range of shades and finishes. My favourites include Bobbi Brown (£18.50) glosses in all the finishes, easily my most reached for everyday glosses. I adore the Chanel Levres Scintillantes Glossimer (£22) range (my favourite of a luxury buy). The Illamasqua Lip Gloss (£16.50) line is a new favourite of mine this year, especially for unusual yet utterly beautiful finishes. 

I don't think I'll ever grow old of adding a touch of gloss to finish a look. Are you a lipgloss fan too?