Sigma 3DHD Kabuki and Precision Brushes

29 Oct 2014

A picture of the Sigma 3DHD Kabuki brush and the 3DHD Precision brush

A picture of the Sigma 3DHD Kabuki brush and the 3DHD Precision brushSigma has been my go-to brand for makeup brushes for quite a while now; of all the makeup brushes I've tried, both high-street and high-end, Sigma have impressed me the most for ease of application and creating a flawless finish. When I heard about the new 3DHD brushes, I was more than a little intrigued and couldn't wait to give them a try. Available in three colours; black, white and pink, they are unique in shape to any brushes I have tried before. I've been using both brushes for a couple of weeks now, so they've been getting a lot of daily use and have had a couple of washes already - like all Sigma brushes, they are just like new after every wash, with no shedding hairs and remaining in the same bold design, with soft dense bristles. But what are they like performance wise?. 

The Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush* (£16.50) my favourite of the two, a multifunctional brush uniquely designed to work with any product formula; liquid, cream or powder, applying product evenly and effortlessly to all areas of the face. The idea is that you apply with one side of the wedge, using the second side to blend and buff to flawless perfection. For me, this is brilliant. Most days I do wear a liquid base, and I always use a traditional foundation brush to apply the foundation, before using my Sigma Round Kabuki F82 (full review here) to buff and blend in. It's much quicker and easier applying with one side of the angled wedge, which in itself applies more evenly and well than a traditional brush, whilst simply twisting it round to buff away any creases or tell-tale signs with the other side. Also cuts down my foundation application time a lot!  

Sigma 3DHD Precision Brush* (£13.50) is the smaller of the two brushes, designed specifically for smaller and harder to reach areas such as around the mouth, nose and under-eye area. It's basically the perfect brush for applying concealer and highlight, both before and after foundation, as it's very precise and leaves such a flawless natural finish. I particularly love this one for adding a touch of highlight to my brow bone and cupids bow. Designed in the same way as the kabuki, it can  be used with cream, liquid and powder products - although I find it works best with cream and liquid formulas.

Both brushes are great to use, they only took me a couple of days to get used to and find the right 'technique', but I'm still reaching for them over my usual favourites when applying my base each morning. I'll be interested to see what other brushes Sigma might release to join the 3DHD range!

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