Nip + Fab Detox Blend

4 Oct 2014

A picture of Nip + Fab Detox Blend Bath Soak, Detox Blend Body Scrub and Detox Blend Body Lotion
After a long week, there's nothing I love more than sinking into a hot bath to relax and wash away the stresses of a busy week, giving my body and mind a much needed detox and pamper ready to tackle the week ahead. For the past few weeks I've been using a trio of products from a range which is perfect for exactly that, a range with a scent that leaves me feeling instantly relaxed, detoxed and revived. The Nip + Fab Detox Blend range has a beautiful and invigorating scent of aromatic Tea Tree, Green Tea, Jasmine and Frankincense Oil. It's a strong fragrance, so those who don't like big scents may find it a touch too much - but for a big scent lover like me, it's perfect.

Nip + Fab Detox Blend Body Scrub* (200ml, £8) is the perfect way to start any pamper. Although I exfoliate often, it's mostly in the shower (quicker and easier), but if it's before a bath I make sure to have a good scrub at hand before I get in the bath, as there's nothing I love more than being in a hot pampering bath with super soft skin! The scrub comes in an easy squeeze-tube, a gel consistency with very fine skin-polishing Walnut Shell, which works to gently exfoliate the skin whilst nourishing and boosting skin radiance. It's great for scrubbing away impurities, dead and dry skin, as well as smoothing and refining, it's particularly good on elbows and knees!

Nip + Fab Detox Blend Bath Soak* (217ml, £7.50) is where we really get into the pampering. Adding a generous amount under hot running water, every single time I use this bath soak I am instantly calmed - the scent perfectly intensifies under the hot water and leaves a very therapeutic and aromatic fragrance. The perfect way to cleanse and detox, it's hard not to stay lay in the bath for hours, with the scent and soak refreshing both body and mind. 

Nip + Fab Detox Blend Body Lotion* (490ml, £8) is the perfect way to finish off a good detox bath, and my favourite part of any bath - you're relaxed, detoxed and feeling rejuvenated, what could be better than slathering on a gorgeous body lotion and slipping into your PJs for a cosy night in? With a light-weight consistency, the Detox Blend Body Lotion makes moisturising easy work, with a smoothing and skin softening formula including Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic Acids which help to both refine and improve skin texture. I also love the handy pump bottle, which makes application mess-free. 

I'm pretty new to Nip + Fab as a brand, I've only tried a couple of products before and there's a cult product in particular from their skincare range on my wishlist. After trying the Detox Blend range, Nip + Fab is definitely a brand I'll be turning to more often - and next on my wishlist is the De-stress Blend range, which sounds just as heavenly! For the past few weeks it's become a weekend ritual to make time to pamper and detox, and this budget-friendly range has created the perfect mood every time. The fragrance is right up my street, and I'm really impressed with how my skin feels after using this powerful detoxing trio.

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