MAC autumn shadows

27 Oct 2014

A picture of MAC autumn eyeshadows

A picture of MAC Sumptuous Olive, Cranberry, Coppering, Woodwinked and Antiqued eyeshadows

MAC All That Glitters, Twinks, Amber Lights and Humid eyeshadows

A picture of MAC Cranberry, Coppering, Twinks, Sumptuous Olive and Humid eyeshadow swatches

A picture of MAC Woodwinked, Amber Lights, Antiqued and All That Glitters eyeshadows swatches

Last week I shared my thoughts on whether I thought MAC eyeshadows (£10) were really worth the hype (see here), so I thought it would be the perfect time to share my top autumn MAC shadows with you all too. I'm definitely more in my comfort zone with autumn and winter appropriate shadows, and MAC is a brand I turn to a lot for the perfect autumn look. In fact, I'd say most of the shadows in my MAC eyeshadow collection are more geared towards the colder months, and there's a few stand-out a/w shades from MAC really stand out from the crowd. MAC shadows are some of my favourite to work with; easy to apply and blend, amazing colour pay-off and incredible longevity. 

All That Glitters is one of the most popular MAC shades and a staple in many beauty-addicts collection. A frosted champagne with a hint of gold pearl, it has warming undertones and a frost finish. Longevity wise, despite being a fairly pale shade, it lasts all day with ease. Perfect for a wash of colour over the lids, or as an inner-corner eye brightener. 

Amber Lights is one of the bolder shades in my MAC palette, and one I love using as a pop of colour to enhance an autumn look. It also works really lovely with my brown eyes and really makes them pop! A stunning coppery brown with a frost finish, it packs a punch with amazing colour pay-off.

Antiqued is a bronze with ash-brown undertones and a frost finish. There's a lovely warm reddish brown undertone, and it's beautiful when worn alone or blended through the crease for a subtle smokey eye.

Cranberry is a shade I definitely picked up due to blogger hype and it's a hugely coveted MAC shade for the colder months. A red-plum with a hint of pink and a gorgeous shimmer with frost finish, it has a lovely brightness to it that brightens any dark day, whilst still being the perfect autumn shade. 

Coppering is for me, just as beautiful as Cranberry and a shade I use just as often come the colder months. A beautiful orange copper, it has a lovely frosted finish and works really well in the centre of your lids for a pop of warming colour.

Humid is one of my favourite MAC shadows of all time, an intense green with shimmer and a frost finish, it's almost the perfect forest green and managed to look both deep and dark as well as bright at the same time. 

Sumptuous Olive is a green for those who prefer something more subtle than Humid, a lovely khaki olive brown with warming undertones and a frost finish. This one is also particularly lovely as a wash of colour over the lids.

Twinks is one of my favourite deeper shades from MAC, a golden brown with bronze shimmer that works well with practically any shade you team it with. It has the slightest, tiny touches of berry undertones and is lovely for the colder months ahead.

Woodwinked is another seriously popular MAC shade, a lovely pale brown with peachy undertones and a lovely pearl finish.