Get hands on with Concoction hair care

2 Oct 2014

A picture of Concoction Hair Care

A picture of Concoction Hair Care
Concoction hair care is probably the first hair care brand I have gotten excited about in a long time. There's no denying that shampoo and conditioner is a pretty bog-standard product, that most brands keep bog-standard. Use some fancy words, whack it on a shelf in Boots and hope people will buy it. I spend forever browsing the hair care section of Boots, and that's not because I'm spoilt for choice - it's because everything is the same. I like to pamper and treat my hair as much as I do my face and body, I don't want any old boring product shoved on here which does a minimal job. I want something that stands out, which does something more than simply shampoos and conditions my hair. Then I was introduced to Concoction, and finally I have a brand - and products - to get excited about.

Inspired by art and science, Concoction is a premium salon quality brand, customised and created by the consumer. Using Concoction's Mixology Technology, it's a new and innovating way of looking at hair care, and the results are really quite brilliant. All of their products promise to provide optimum care and nutrition, resulting in beautiful, healthy, nourished hair, and their products are Silicone and Paraben free. There's a huge variety of up to 256 individual blend combinations which can be created with the Concoction range, and each makes both the product and experience unique to the consumer. 

The Base Blend | Concoction Nourish + Protect ShampYou (250ml, £11)
To start things off you choose a Base Blend, of which there are four options; Bakhour, Black Pepper + Citrus, Lemon & Verbena and Rosemary + Mint. The Base Blends are mainly the scent of your concoction, and all of them sound really lovely to be honest. Bakhour is the most popular fragrance, a woody blend of Arabian Spices, Sandalwood, Ambergis and Musk, Black Pepper + Citrus is an energising and indulgent Black Pepper with Citrus, Vetiver, Ginger and Lemon essential oils. Lemon + Verbena is refreshing and zesty, with Lemon Citrus, Verbena, Bergamot, Patchouli and Lemon essential oils. Rosemary + Mint is revitalising, with Rosemary, Peppermint and Tea Tree Essential Oils. I opted for Black Pepper + Citrus*, I love energising scents, and I find it works well to cleanse my hair, creating a light lather it even keeps tangles at bay.

The SuperSerum Shots | Concoction SuperSerum Shots (10ml, £1.50)
Next up, you choose your SuperSerum Shots, of which they are 8 to pick from and you decide which 2 you want to add to your Base Blend. Each of the shots has a different job, and once added to your Base Blend will add a boost to your hair, covering both your hair type, plus the areas you want to improve. There's Beautiful Brunette SuperSerum, High-Definition Blonde SuperSerum, Ravising Red SuperSerum, Gimme More Moisture SuperSerum, Turn Up The Volume SuperSerum, Thermo-Straight SuperSerum, Back To Your Roots SuperSerum and Curl Me Up SuperSerum. I've added Back To Your Roots SuperSerum*; a delicate blend of Aloe Vera and Acai Fruit extracts, which provides a balanced, soothing and calming care for roots and scalp, as well as the Gimme More Moisture SuperSerum*, an intensive moisture drink with Argan Oil and Shea Butter, which nourishes dry or damaged hair, leaving hair soft, shiny and frizz-free.

The Hydrating Concoction | Concoction Creme De Concoction Cashmere + White Lily (250ml, £16)
The final stage is the conditioner, or as Concoction like to call it, Creme de Concoction*. Think of the most beautiful scent you have ever experienced, then double it - this smells amazing. Seriously, I even have one friend who likes to smell it whenever she comes round! It's beautiful, a mix of Cashmere and White Lily, alongside a powerful trio of Orange, Patchouli and Lemongrass essential oils. It effortlessly nourishes and protects, reducing frizz and adding a healthy, natural looking shine. It also works wonders to make my hair feel unbelievably soft, so much so I don't even need to apply my usual oil or cream afterwards. 

Using Concoction's is fun and interesting, it's nice to get hands on. Mixing the shots is super easy, it's just a case of pouring them into your ShampYou and shaking well. I have noticed a difference since using Concoction as my everyday hair care, and my hair feels better for it - mostly with my scalp and roots. I think next time (oh yes, I'd repurchase), I'd pick the Turn Up The Volume SuperSerum with Back To Your Roots again, what shots would you pick? Creme de Cocoction is my favourite product of the range though, it just smells so incredible and makes my hair feel lovely, star product for me. What do you think to Concoction, is it something you'd try?

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