CosMedix Clear Clarifying Mask

26 Oct 2014

A picture of the CosMedix Clear Clarifying Mask

A picture of the CosMedix Clear Clarifying Mask

It's no secret that I have a real love for skincare, and there's a huge array of brands in my stash that I would repurchase time and time again. Yet there's one brand which I look at completely differently to all other skincare brands in my stash, the real hero brand in my skincare routine. I was first introduced to CosMedix this time last year, and ever since several products from the range have been daily and weekly staples.

CosMedix Clear Clarifying Mask (30g, £34.70) is a detoxifying clay mask that has been fortified with a soothing blend of Sulfar, Minerals and naturally clarifying Salicylic Acid. Suitable for oily and combination/acne prone skin, it works to smooth away blemishes, reduce excess oiliness, all whilst supporting skin immunity without causing irritation, over-drying or over-stimulation. There's lots of skin-loving ingredients in this pot of mossy green clay; Witch Hazel, Broccoli, Soybean and Tea Tree Oil just to name a few, and it has a lovely refreshing scent. When applied to the skin, Clear Clarifying Mask has an instantaneously cooling sensation, which is actually amazingly lovely and I find works well to keep me feeling refreshed. It's not a tingle - just a lovely cooling and soothing sensation. 

Like most clay masks, I do find the mask dries on most areas of my face throughout the 10 mins it's on, but not to a hard, firm state where it's uncomfortable. Using my beloved Bodhi & Birch Bamboo Cotton Flannel (£6), I gentle rinse away with warm water (as with all clay masks, I like to rinse twice to make sure every last trace is removed). Every time I have used this mask, after rinsing my skin is left looking impeccably smooth, much brighter and clearer in complexion with a more harmonious and even skin tone, redness is massively toned down and my skin looks firmer and fresher. 

I can happily say that CosMedix Clear Clarifying Mask is probably one of the best face masks I have ever used, which has a multiple of benefits for my skin and always leaves my skin looking how I want it to look. I make sure to pop on at least once a week, using other masks in-between uses or sometimes if my skin needs some extra TLC, I'll use it anywhere up to 3 times a week. I've recently started my second pot, but my first one lasted a good six months. For me, it's a preventative mask. Although break-outs and blemishes for me are rare, I'd rather put the time in to prevent them - or prevent how severe they get - before they start to pop up, than try and fight them when they're taking up residence on my face. Clarifying Mask can actually be used as frequently as you like, it's even suitable for everyday use and can also be used as a spot treatment directly on blemishes, left overnight before rinsing in the morning. 

CosMedix isn't your average skincare brand, they're so much more their products than that and I really, really recommend checking them out. They're products aren't the easiest to find in the UK, but a quick Google search will bring up sellers for specific products. I also recommend checking out Amazon and Medico Beauty who have a big selection of CosMedix products! Make sure to avoid unauthorised sellers, you can find a full list of sites who sell fake CosMedix products here, to know which ones to avoid!