10 Sept 2014

A picture of Inika, Antipodes, Butter London and Zoya organic makeup products

A picture of Organic Nail Polishes by Butter London and Zoya

A picture of Inika Mineral Eyeshadows
We're well into Organic Beauty Week now and so far I've shared my favourite organic and natural skincare products (see here), as well as a beautiful luxury organic manicure try me set from Pinks Boutique (see here). Now it's time to delve into the makeup, products and brands I have in my stash whose products are organic and full of lovely skin-loving, natural and organic ingredients.

When it came to picking the brands to feature for my organic makeup post, I was a little stuck. I realised I didn't actually have that many organic makeup brands in my stash, and a lot sort of sat on the fence of kinda being organic, but not enough to be certified. In the end I found four brands, and 8 lovely organic products that I not only absolutely adore and use regularly, but products I'd really recommend for getting into organic makeup. If you have any favourite organic beauty brands, I'd love to hear your recommendations too!

I'm a huge fan of Antipodes skincare range, with products I find to be some of the most effective at a reasonable price, but it's only recently I've dabbled with Antipodes as a makeup brand. If you're a regular reader, it'll be no surprised that I'm recommending my beloved Antipodes Mineral Foundation (6.5g, £27.99), which I have been raving about a lot (see here). Available in four shades and boosting a natural SPF15, it helps to reduce facial flushing, whilst balancing oil production and rescuing blemished skin. It creates an incredible natural and flattering finish, and has the best longevity of any base I've tried. I will definitely be looking into the rest of Antipodes makeup offerings, and have my eye on the April Sun in Cuba Lipstick

Butter London
This is actually my one and only Butter London polish - but I love it, and always see pretty Butter London shades that I'd love to add to my collection. The shade I have is a gorgeous warm beige, Yummy Mummy (9ml, £12) and creates a gorgeous opaque colour that lasts chip-free for a good week, with a trusty top coat above. I really do love the formula, so I plan on picking up Saucy Jack, Lady Muck, Scoundrel and Artful Dodger next time I'm near a counter. Don't you just love the names?!

Inika was the first makeup brand I tried that was all organic, and also the first brand which introduced me to mineral makeup. I'm a big fan of two of their products in particular; the natural Mineral Foundation Base (8g, £27.50) and the Mineral Eyeshadow (1.2g, £14.50), which are my favourite mineral shadows in the world! I adore them, the most incredibly soft and fluffy finely milled powder that applies and blends like a dream. I have four shades; 02 Whisper, 03 Gold Dust, 05 Forest Gold and 26 Velvet. Each is perfect for all four seasons,I use them as inner-corner highlights, for a pop of colour, or blended through the crease. They really transform a look and create a finish unlike many other eyeshadows I have tried, mineral or not. The foundation is just as beautiful, which leaves a gorgeous natural finish and provides a very decent coverage, only needing to powder once if you're out all day. 

Last but not least, Zoya. Another brand who I only have one product of, and another brand I've been meaning to try more from. Zoya Caitlin Nail Polish (15ml, £10.95) is a gorgeous smokey purple with a dash of grey, and has a luxurious formula that creates streak-free, opaque colour effortlessly, lasting longer than most polishes I've tried - even without a topcoat! I plan on adding Charisma, Gemma and Toni to my stash soon!