18 Sept 2014

A picture of Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil in In With Coral and Fuchsia Desire

The Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils (£4.99) are seriously one of the most exciting drugstore releases I have seen for a long time. I find the variety of products available in the drugstore is always pretty limited, so I've always opted for high-end NARS Lip Pencils (£17.50) to fix my lip pencil urges. I've grown quite the collection of NARS Lip Pencils (see here) and I have never found a drugstore alternative that matches or even beats the NARS offerings. The new Color Drama Lipsticks promise to make lips pop with on trend colours and a creamy texture, but are they anywhere near as good as my beloved NARS lip pencils? 

The packaging is a lot different in person than I expected. They're around half the size of the NARS lip pencils, around 3" in length and although described by Maybelline as slim, I think they're quite chunky for lip pencils. I love the sleek black and white design, with the end of each lip pencil the corresponding colour to their shade, which is something I really like as it makes the shade you want quicker to find in your makeup stash! 

The formula is absolutely beautiful, a stunning creamy texture that glides on effortlessly providing intense colour pay-off and longevity that beats any of my favourite high-end lipsticks. These beauties last all day, even through eating and drinking. In With Coral is a mix between a peachy coral and flamingo pink, whilst Fuchsia Desire is a blue-toned almost fluorescent pink. There is a gorgeous subtle gloss finish to each and they feel comfortable and light-weight on the lip.

I am absolutely smitten. Although I think the formula is vastly different to the NARS lip pencils, I adore the formula, design and shade range and think I could see myself sticking to these more budget-friendly lip colours for quite a while. If you're on a budget and have been lusting after the NARS lip pencils, give these a try, because honestly? They could quite easily be my favourite drugstore launch of 2014.