MAC lipsticks, worth the hype?

26 Sept 2014

A picture of MAC lipsticks including Lady Danger, Honey Love, Saigon Summer, Pink Plaid and Up the Amp.
I think MAC is one of those brands that you either love or hate, like Marmite. A lot of people think their products are overpriced, others think it's worth paying for the quality of a MAC product, I kind of sit on the fence; there's a few products I think are a overpriced, but are worth splashing out on, whilst some I think are really overpriced for what they are, that I stay away from them even if it's something I'd actually really like. I can be a little silly with money sometimes (easily done if you're a makeup addict), but I generally know where to draw the spending-line. 

It actually took me a while to get into MAC, the first product I tried was a foundation and I really didn't get along with it. After that it took quite a while for me to even consider splashing out on another MAC product, but after reading lots of rave reviews, I decided their lipsticks sounded to good to be true. Of all of the products MAC create. their lipsticks are probably the products I hear people talking about the most, the first thing you gravitate towards is the lipstick stand when you go to a MAC store or counter. I remember buying my very first MAC lipstick two years ago, when I was still nervous of approaching makeup counters, sheepishly asking for help in picking the perfect red.  

That perfect red was Lady Danger, a vivid bright true red with a splash of coral that I still turn to now, and one I'd repurchase in a heat beat. Since then I've built up quite the collection, trying a few different finishes (my favourite are  amplified, matte and satin) and a vibrant shade selection. It's no secret I love MAC lipsticks, there's few things I love more than buying a brand new shade and wearing it for the first time; but I also remember when MAC lipsticks were £13.50 - they're now £15.50. 

The lipsticks themselves are quite easily my very favourite lipsticks. If I had to pick one brand as my favourite for lip products, it would be MAC because they're lipsticks tick all the boxes, and their lip liners compliment the range well. I've never bought a MAC lipstick and been disappointed. Sure there's a few finishes I avoid, because I'm generally not a sheer/gloss tint/shimmery finish kinda girl, but there's such a huge variety of shades for each finish that it's easy to find more than a few favourites. They come in the perfect black and silver lipstick bullet and have that oh so satisfying 'click' when you take off or put on the top. I find MAC products to be really pigmented and that's true in their lipsticks, particularly their matte range. The longevity can differ depending on finish, but generally they last a fair while and through eating and drinking, before needing to reapply. They don't bleed, feel comfortable ont he lip and have a delicious vanilla scent - the perfect lipstick package. 

So I'm pretty smitten with MAC lipsticks, but I also don't know how much longer I'll continue to add new shades to my stash. I wouldn't want to pay much more for a MAC lipstick than the current price, but I wouldn't be surprised if the price goes up again. I really love MAC lipsticks, but I went through a stage of only buying MAC lipsticks, which not only is a silly way to spend money, but means I really haven't tried that many brands for lip products. I want to branch out. If you hadn't already gathered, I definitely think MAC lipsticks are worth the hype! If you can afford them, then yeah, go for it, but if you can't don't worry. Just because they're my favourite doesn't mean they will be yours, and there's always some budget-friendly alternatives! I love the Maybeline ColorSensational Lipsticks (read here), which I think are massive dupes for a lot of my favourite MAC lipsticks, and at half the price! What do you think, are you a fan of MAC lipsticks?