25 Sept 2014

A picture of a dressing table drawer

A picture of Muji PP Basket 2

A picture of Muji PP Basket 2

A picture of eyeshadow palettes
Last month I shared my makeup collection storage with you all (read here), and I wanted to delve into some of it in separate posts, to give you a better idea of how I organise everything. This isn't a 'makeup collection' post, just a 'how I store and organise my makeup' kinda post. Whenever my makeup stash is in photos or over on Instagram, I get a lot of questions, so I thought it would be easier to example in individual posts! I'm started things off with my dressing table drawer, because I always get asked questions about my dressing table and whether it's worth investing in, as well as what I have inside the drawers in way of storage boxes.

It's only since February that I've actually had a dressing table, before that I had never had one and mostly used to do my makeup in the bathroom, or sat on my bed. The way I used to store my makeup was in the top drawer in a chest of drawers, with overspill on top of the drawers to store makeup bags, boxes, carry cases, pots and tubs. It wasn't ideal! I've always wanted a really nice dressing table, and I think for anyone into their makeup, it's something most people lust after. 

I used to dream of French shabby chic, a beautiful ornate, genuine and timeless dressing table, but that's not all realistic for the space we have or my budget. I know the IKEA Malm Dressing Table (£95) is a bit of a blogger cliché, but it really did work out perfectly for what I wanted. A huge white dressing table with glass top and a full length drawer along the bottom. I shopped around before deciding, seeing what other brands and stores had white dressing tables, but for the price it was the best I could get and I'm glad I did because I love it! There is one downside, but only one; the drawer doesn't fully extend out, and that means rummaging around with your hand in the back of the drawer. Other than that, it's perfect!

I've tried a few different ways of storing my makeup in the drawer itself, which is huge and you can really get a lot in there. I've finally found my own perfect way of keeping everything organised, and that's by using the Muji PP Basket 2 (£1.95), of which I have 10. A lot of people like to use the Muji containers for dividing makeup, and there's quite a few shapes and sizes to pick from, all fairly decent in price. I opted for the longer rectangle ones, because I'm a little over organised with my makeup and like everything in neat little sections. That's just the way I like to store my makeup, but you can use any kind of tub or container and be able to do the same thing - or even using old beauty boxes or NEOM 3-wick candles, which is what I did before!

With all 10 baskets in the drawer, there's space along the back and down the furthest end of the dressing table. I don't have anything at the back of the drawer - it always involves rummaging around, plus I've been slowly trying to downsize my stash. The space at the end of the dressing table is used to store my current most-reached for eyeshadow palettes, as well as anything that won't fit in the baskets or my Muji Acrylic Drawers, like my Chanel Bronze Universal or chunkier eyeshadow quads. The baskets themselves hold a lot, I've included photos of 7, to show the variation of products and just how many you can get in there, the other 3 baskets have my illuminators, blushes and bronzes. The baskets are really sturdy and the perfect width to fit most products, it's just the height of the dressing table that stops you having anything to big standing up in there. 

I'm pretty set and happy with my dressing table drawer now, it makes things a lot easier to reach for and I like having the majority of my stash all in one place. The baskets made the perfect finishing touch, 

How do you store your makeup stash?