12 September

A picture of Bleach London Washing Out Liquid
Around February I started changing my hair colour from my natural black, to colours like neon orange, bright pink, deep violets, lavenders, greens and blues. My hair is currently a mix of green, teal and blue, but I'm properly going to go back to lavenders and deep violets come the winter months. When I first started changing my hair colour frequently, I needed to buy some products to maintain, protect and nourish my now bleached hair, and so I did a pretty big online order. One of the products I picked up was the Bleach London Washing Out Liquid (200ml, £5), which I really thought was fantastic value for money - if it really met it's claims. Against other brands, Bleach London are really budget-friendly and I am fan of the Reincarnation Mask (200ml, £6), so I was hoping the Washing Out Liquid would be just as good.

Washing Out Liquid promises to help speed up the fading process for anyone who likes to change their hair colour regularly. It's meant to help dislodge and remove pigment in colours which are stubborn and usually take a while to fade out. Using it is super simple, just use it like you would any other shampoo, and they suggest you follow with the Reincarnation Mask. 

Does it work? For me, it just really doesn't. Each time I use Washing Out Liquid, I notice very little, if any, change in the colour in my hair. What I do notice is that even from the moment of starting the shampooing process, my hair feels rough, almost as if it's freshly bleached and needs a hella'lotta conditioning treatments and pampering. My hair is naturally, despite eight months of bleaching, in pretty darn good condition. It's smooth, sleek and healthy with a natural shine. My locks are pampered. Yet using Washing Out Liquid makes it feel deadly dry. I have to follow up with the Reincarnation Mask, because of how it makes my hair feel - but it doesn't get rid of pigment or lighten the colour. I've used more than half the bottle now, and for me it just doesn't work. 

I still like Bleach London as a brand though, and would definitely repurchase the Reincarnation Mask it's amazing. Have you tried Washing Out Liquid? Did it work for you? I'd love to hear different people's experiences with this one - so let me know if you're a fan, or if like me, it just didn't tick the boxes!

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  1. I've just gone from pretty much fluorescent pink hair back to ashy blonde in a week by using Vosene medicated shampoo (poundland!). I apply it to dry hair and leave it to soak on my hair for 30 mins every night before rinsing out. Complete lifesaver as I was only meaning to go a light pastel pink. It is a lil drier than normal but nothing a good hair mask won't sort out :) xx

    1. Thanks for the recommendation lovely, I'll have a look next time I'm in town! xo

  2. I've been using Bleach London colours over my bleached dip dye and i'm in love with them. They hardly ever need reapplying and my hair doesn't feel dry at all, i do use the reincarnation mask about once a fortnight though!
    I've had a range of colours and after years now im wanting to get rid and be natural again. This wash out shampoo just isnt working. This dye simply does not want to come off me!
    Heads up- it lasts waaay longer than 2-10washes