24 Aug 2014

A picture of The Vegan Kind August Box

A picture of The Vegan Kind August Box
A picture of The Vegan Kind August Box

A picture of The Vegan Kind August Box
A picture of The Vegan Kind August Box
When The Vegan Kind first starting sharing their monthly lifestyle subscription boxes, I never thought I'd get as hooked as I am now! As a non-vegan, I'm not against switching over to more planet and animal friendly brands and I've found through each The Vegan Kind box, that a lot of things I would get as 'treats' from big name brands whose products aren't vegan friendly, taste nowhere near as good as the offerings in each month's The Vegan Kind box which are always the most delicious treats of all! The August box is no different.

Freedom Mallows Strawberry (75g, £2.50)
Freedom Mallows have featured in The Vegan Kind before and they are easily the most scrumptious marshmallows ever. I devoured these pretty quickly! Probably my favourite ever food item featured in The Vegan Kind, they're fat free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, GMO free, gluten free, gelatine free and vegan! These are a must-try for everyone with a sweet tooth.

I've seen these popping up on a few of my favourite Instagram accounts recently, and I was really excited to try them! Wholesome, delicious vegetables re freeze dried without adding any salt, oil, sugar, fat or preservatives. Less than 20 calories per pack, they also count towards 1 of your 5 a day! Unfortunately these weren't to my taste (although I love peppers and mangetout both raw and cooked in meals!), but my partner absolutely loved them and quickly ate up the whole packet!

Living Naturally Soapnut Tabs (265g/20 washes, £6.49)
Soap Nuts have also featured in The Vegan Kind before, but this is a completely new product! The world's first soapnut powder laundry tabs, they're great for whites and resistant colours and are best used at 30'-90' washes. They're made from certified organic ingredients, are certified vegan, free of phosphate, chlorine and GMO, as well as being biodegradable and sustainable! I've been using these over the past week and I have to say, they do just as good of a job as any of our usual supermarket brands, they have left our clothes just as clean and smelling just as fresh - we'd definitely pick these up again!

OK so I may have been a little too excited when I saw this in the box, but Propercorn is my favourite for a popcorn treat and sweet and salty is my favourite flavour! Popcorn is actually a fab low calorie snack and something I always make sure to have in the house, as it's a fab treat and quite low in Weight Watchers ProPoints, too! Propercorn do a whole host of imaginative flavours, so I'm definitely going to start branching out, but let's just say, sweet and salty will always have my top spot!

If you've been reading my The Vegan Kind reviews for a while, you'll know I'm not the biggest fan of protein bars, so this was another one passed on to my other half! Enriched with raw protein, helping to give you sustained energy release and containing a generous helping of chocolate chips (which were huge!) and a healthy handful of almonds, they contain no added sugar, are dairy, GMO and gluten free and contain no trans fats! 

Teen VGN is a social network for young vegetarians and vegans which aims to provide a safe environment for compassionate youngsters to meet like minded people. Members share stories, encouragement, delicious recipes and share and take part in fabulous campaigns. Fuelled by Compassion is one such campaign, which aims to get more people talking about their vegetarian or vegan lifestyle and they they've chosen to go cruelty free. If you're vegan or vegetarian, I'd love to know why you chose to go cruelty free! 

Another month, another fab contents. The Vegan Kind really is the favourite monthly box in the Tattooed Tealady household, and I can't wait to see what the September box holds! The Vegan Kind costs £10 a month plus £2.95 post and packaging. Each month a charity is selected as the Charity of the Month and a 10p donation is made from each The Vegan Kind box. For August, the Charity of the Month is Nut House Hen Rescue! There's also a delicious recipe included in each month's box and for August, it's a scrumptious looking Nectarine Salad, from blogger Coconut and Berries! I can't wait to give it a try! 

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