Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa

11 Aug 2014

A picture of Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa

A picture of Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa

A picture of Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa

A picture of Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa

A picture of Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa
Last Thursday, I went to heaven. By heaven, I mean I got to spend the day at Ragdale Hall Health Hydro and Thermal Spa for a full day of relaxation and pampering. I haven't been to a spa before, but it's something I've wanted to do for so long. Ragdale Hall is really close by to me, just a short drive away, and I have wanted to visit since I was around 16, that's 10 long years! I know most people go abroad during the summer, but for me that's not quite within our budget and so enjoying the British summer whilst it's here is a much better alternative. Spas have always attracted me because I love the idea of escaping, somewhere that feels as if you could be almost anywhere in the world for one day just to relax and wind down. That's exactly what Ragdale Hall felt like; an idyllic countryside setting on a hot summers day, away from day to day worries, jobs and responsibilities. Heaven!

I woke up super early on the day to get ready, getting my bag together and making sure I had my Debenhams Black Bandeau Anchor Swimsuit and my Pink Tropical Flower Beach Towel. I went along with Charlotte (Lilmisschickas), and we arrived not long after 9:30am, on what really was a gorgeous morning; the sun was shining, it was already warm and there was a slight breeze. In such a beautiful setting, it really did make the trip all the more exciting for me! We were welcomed into the garden reception bar and given a complimentary fruit punch and breakfast energy shot, to get us going on our day. We were both booked in on the same package, the Pure Detox Spa Day which included three treatments, a robe for the day as well as a three course lunch - then we had another treatment each booked afterwards, so we had a full day of pampering ahead! 

Whilst we has some time to spare before our treatments, I decided to have a walk around the inside and outside of Ragdale Hall, whilst Charlotte was much better than me and went for a run in the spa gym. I am such a country bumpkin, so for me the setting was just phenomenal and I was in absolute heaven. The grounds are so picturesque, with adorable bench-swing sets, huge ponds and little bridges, an outdoor pool also sits around the front of Ragdale Hall, hidden from view by delicately placed hedges, surrounded by hills and fields that go as far as the eye can see. After taking in the beautiful view, Charlotte and I decided to give the thermal spa a try, which was amazing and sealed the deal that we'd spend the end of our day there (so more on that later!) But first, onto the treatments!

Pure Detox Spa Day
Destress & Detox Mud Wrap
This was the treatment I was most nervous about, as I knew it would be a minimal-clothing treatment, and I have major confidence issues with my body. The treatment started with a full body exfoliation, before warmed black Dead Sea Mud is applied to the skin, everywhere (you wear paper panties, that's it!). You're then wrapped up, whilst you receive a relaxing scalp massage. The lady who carried out my treatment was lovely, and even took the care to ask first if I wanted coconut oil used in my scalp massage, which I of course said yes to as it's a fab treatment for keeping your hair happy and healthy! After my scalp massage, it was time to pop into the shower to wash off all the Dead Sea Mud, before body lotion was applied. Although I was super nervous about this treatment, my therapist put me at ease and I felt comfortable throughout. My skin looked and felt fabulous after, as the Dead Sea Mud works to both deeply cleanse and re-mineralise your skin. 

Fresh Feet
I love having my feet pampered and preened and the Fresh Feet treatment was the perfect way to give my feet some T.L.C. A conditioning treatment which uses O.P.I's specialist care products, your feet are scrubbed before your cuticles are conditioned and hard skin softened, with nails filed. There's no polish with this treatment, as it concentrates on pampering tired and sore feet. I find pedicures so awkward to do on myself, so it was lovely to have my feet pampered for me.

Body Massage
For me, there's very little that beats a massage. I've actually only had three massages before, but each one has made a huge difference to how my body - and mind - feel. The massage included within our package was a Swedish style massage using medium pressure, which works to release tension in the legs, arm and back. I felt amazing afterwards! 

O.P.I Classic Manicure
As my final treatment of the day, and an extra treatment outside of the Pure Detox Spa Day, I opted to have an O.P.I Classic Manicure. I've learnt my lesson where acrylic and gel nails are concerned, so whenever I have my hands pampered it's always a standard manicure. The O.P.I Classic Manicure includes a replenishing treatment, that works to maintain the skin on our hands as well as our cuticles, exfoliating, moisturising and conditioning. Next, your treated to a lovely hand massage before a colour of your choice is popped on your nails. I opted for O.P.I Do You Lilac It, and I'm absolutely smitten! 

Half way through our day and treatments, we also enjoyed a three course buffet style lunch. The food was absolutely delicious and I could have sat there all day eating (I was very full afterwards!) It felt a little odd at first, that everyone in the dining room was pretty much just wearing a dressing gown, but you soon got used to it.

With two hours to spare at the end of the day, Charlotte and I decided to spend some time relaxing in one of the many relaxation rooms scattered around Ragdale Hall, before heading back to the Thermal Spa. 
It was amazing! The Thermal Spa has been exclusively designed for Ragdale Hall, and at times I almost felt as if I was on holiday, it was so luxurious, pampering, yet completely captivating and enchanting at the same time, there was so much to do! 

Thermal Spa
The Thermal Spa comprises of 9 different areas, some of which I tried just the once, others I went back to time and time again. There is the Candle Pool, which is by far one of my favourites, a mosaic cavern with 34Âșc warmed water and flicking candles with a star-lit ceiling, so pretty! Then there's the Indoor/Outdoor Waterfall Pool, which snakes from the inside of the spa outside through to the gardens, with lots of little bays and inlets carved into the pool's structure, massage jets and a beautiful waterfall. This was such a heavenly pool to enjoy! The Thought Pool was another pretty mosaic room, which uses dry heart and a warm, ergonomic setting with ever-changing music, whilst images and colours are projected onto the walls and ceiling, to encourage positive thinking (something I'm always happy to do!). The Rose Sauna was, as you can image, absolutely heavenly with a gorgeous scent of rose in a Scandinavian sauna. This one was the only one I couldn't stay very long in, as for my first experience of a sauna, I just found it far too hot to put my skin against the wood! The Scented Room was another chance for me to relax with beautiful scents, though, a room which uses natural materials, fresh aromatic herbs and a gentle hue of colours to help invigorate and awaken your senses! 

Although at first it took a while for me to get used to breathing in the 100% humid environment of the Volcanic Salt Bath, it was easily one of my favourite aspects of the spa; a velvet darkness of hewn basalt and slate, I constantly felt as if my body was melting, but it actually did wonders for my skin, and my breathing afterwards! To cool down after the Volcanic Salt Bath, I really enjoyed the Colourful Cave, filled with a humid and heady mix of Jasmine and Camomile, with a river of colour flowing to a central crystal mountain for a hedonistic detox. There were several Experience Showers scattered around the spa, which lets you pick between a tropical shower or a cool mist, but I was too taken by the Cave Shower; a cave lit by stars which recreates the sensation of being caught out in the rain. You could choose a tropical shower, cool mist, or a thunder storm! Definitely my choice every time, I loved the crackling, roaring thunder (yes, it had sound effects!), flashes of light and heavy, heavy rainfall. Perfect.

Seriously? I had the most amazing day and I cannot believe it has taken me this long to try out a spa! I will 1000000% be back at Ragdale Hall, after experiencing the spa first hand I can genuinely say I think I am completely addicted and may have just started on a very expensive habit. I'm already making plans to go back at Christmas! I'd totally recommend a visit to Ragdale Hall, if you're nearby or looking for a weekend getaway! There's nothing quite like being absolutely spoiled rotten for the day, and the entire Ragdale Hall team were amazing - all of the girls who did my treatments were so lovely and the treatment waiting room team always had a smile on their faces. It was the perfect visit.

Who says you need to go abroad to enjoy summer?! Let me know what you think to my first spa experience, and if you have any spa experiences of your own to share, I'd love to hear them!  

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*The spa visit, swimming costume & beach towel were kindly provided by Debenhams.