Pip the Bunny Gourmet E-Liquids

16 Aug 2014

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A picture of Pip the Bunny Gourmet E-Liquids
A picture of Pip the Bunny Gourmet E-Liquids

Back in the popular MySpace days, I become besotted with Suicide Girls, a collection of beautiful, alternative models. As a modified girl myself, it's far easier for me to relate to models who have body modifications, than those who don't. Not only are Suicide Girls gorgeous models, but they have some incredible body art and for me, when I was much younger and first started getting tattoos, it was girls like the Suicide Girls, who made me realise I wasn't just someone who stuck out like a sore thumb in my quiet, not-so-modified town, but other girls out there were heavily tattooed too and it was OK. 

Although the days of MySpace are long gone, new Suicide Girls join the ranks every day and there’s a whole plethora of stunning alternative girls out there, rocking the body mods and representing all us girls who like to use our skin as canvas. This love for body art and expression in its rawest form, has brought together people from all corners of the world, and in some cases, has even led to inspirations and projects which have become the starting point for hugely popular brands and products.

King’s Crown and SuicideBunny are two brands of e-liquids, with a difference. Created by Pip, aka Pip the Bunny, each e-liquid is beautifully presented in bottles with amazing artwork, of tattooed girls – much like Suicide Girls. As Pip herself says, “I think tattoos are beautiful forms of art and self-expression. I wanted to show these beautiful images on my labels.” E-liquids have become a hugely popular alternative to smoking – a much healthier option, too – and Pip worked tirelessly to create a range of gourmet blends that would stick out from other’s on the market, blends with a difference. Her aim? The hope to help thousands of people quit smoking, switching from deadly cigarettes to e-liquids as an alternative. You can read a full interview with Pip, and how her e-liquids came to be, here.

There’s a big difference between your bog-standard e-liquids and Pip’s artistic range, with both the King’s Crown and Suicide Bunny being gourmet e-liquids. What’s the difference, I hear you ask? Pip’s gourmet e-liquids are created with the highest quality ingredients, in a sterile environment, and most importantly, an alternative to smoking that is healthier. As Pip perfectly says in her recent Vapeclub interview, “Premium liquids should not break down, they should be complex and full bodied, and they should be created with care.”.

The Suicide Bunny gourmet e-liquids range includes give flavours; Mother’s Milk, Madrina, Sucker Punch, Derailed and Original Bunny. Each of the artwork for the Suicide Bunny range are right up my street; we have a tattooed Marilyn Monroe, along some feisty modified characters that look like forces to be reckoned with! Mother’s Milk is described as the perfect dessert vape; a milky custard with a light strawberry exhale, it also happens to be one of the most popular flavours in the Suicide Bunny range. Madrina has a fruiter vibe, with notes of melon, and reviewers have even experienced notes of dragon fruit, honey and tangerines. Sucker Punch is an intense dragon fruit flavour, mixed with other fruits and a delicious cream. Derailed is another perfect dessert vapour, a yummy cookie with sweet cinnamon and banana exhale, whilst Original Bunny is similar to Mother’s Milk, but with less strawberry tones and a lighter taste.  

The King’s Crown range contains four flavours of e-liquids, still with beautiful artwork, but a touch more masculine and with a dash of realism, the artwork is pretty darn realistic. There’s Bound by the Clown, a combination of fruit and dessert flavours with sweet custard and a hint of spice. Claim Your Throne is a dessert vapour, mixing sweet cream with butterscotch and brown sugar. Fight Your Fate is perfect for fruit lovers, with a zingy, punchy and refreshing strawberry-lemonade flavour. Last but not least, The King, the elusive secret flavour, with added notes of peanut butter and cookie.

Have e-liquids help you stop smoking? What are your thoughts on tattoo artwork? Do you have a favourite e-liquid label? Let me know your thoughts on expression through body art!

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