Boys Toys: Skincare

13 Aug 2014

Skincare for men

Let's talk about men's skincare. I know, I know, I'm a woman, so why do I want to talk about men's skincare? Well, not only over the time I have been blogging have I noticed how few men actually use skincare as part of their everyday routine, but I also have a partner who I've been trying to get into a routine for nearly 3 years now.

Where my partner is concerned, he's always had a very strong view point that skincare, or any beauty products in general, are very feminine. There's nothing for men and why should he use it anyway? But being male doesn't prevent you from sun damage, ageing, or even some of the more unpleasant skin woes we sometimes encounter, like spots and blemishes, or even a skin reaction. Men have skin just like us girls, that needs looking after just as we look after our skin. 

The most I've managed to get my partner to use, is the Origins Super Spot Remover when he gets the occasional blemish, or a spritz one my current favourite toner. We did come to an agreement that I could give him an at-home facial, with exfoliators and masks, but that's yet to happen. If I look around at other men in my life, it's much the same. I can count on one hand how many men I know who use skincare regularly (and three of those are bloggers!). So what could help in making men realise that looking after their skin, is just as important as looking after ours? 

One thing that puts most men off with skincare, is how feminine it can seem whether that be in it's product claims, the scent or colour of the product or even the packaging. There are a lot of brands out there though who cater to men's skincare and they make sure their products are appealing to men, mainly through packaging and a choice of clever wording. Should men's skincare be treated any differently than women's? Sometimes I think no, but mostly? Yes. I think if you have a real man's man who refuses to do anything that might be seen as girly, then having more masculine products and packaging is a great way to get men interested - it's better to have them using macho-advertised products, than none at all.

One such brand who uses lots of fabulous manly words in their product names and claims, is Kiehl's. Kiehl's have a huge men's skincare range, that actually equals that of their women's skincare range. The first ever brand to create a skincare range for men (and the first to have full ingredients lists on products!), Kiehl's gets men to look after their skin without losing their caveman-cred. Origins is another fantastic brand for men's skincare, with deep, bold packaging and powerful-potent product names.

Looking after our skin as we age is incredibly important. We only have one body, one face - looking after ourselves doesn't take a lot of time, it just takes getting used to and getting into a routine that suits you. If you're a male reader who wants to find out more about skincare, then pop down to your local Kiehl's counter at House of Fraser for a skincare consultation (they'll even give you a few samples to take away!). You could also check out male-beauty bloggers, whose reviews are always in-depth and cover everything from skincare to hair care and body care. My favourites are Andy over at Pampered Prince, Thom over at Manface as well as Boyface (perfect for any male teen readers!), and Ged over at The Ged Lab.

What are your thoughts on men's skincare? Should package and product names be overly masculine, perhaps skincare should be suggested to boys at a younger age, as it is for girls? Does your partner use skincare? Let me know your thoughts and let's get a discussion going!

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