The NARS Lip Pencils

4 Jul 2014

A picture of NARS Lip Pencil Collection
A picture of NARS Lip Pencil Collection

A picture of a NARS Lip Pencil Collection
Top Row - Red Square, Luxembourg
Bottom Row - Cruella, Sex Machine, Dolce Vita, New Lover, Never Say Never
When I tried my first NARS lip pencil, I was sold instantly on the beautiful formula, easy-grip pencil format and stunning colour pay-off. Since that first NARS lip product buy, I've added more and more to my collection, easily one of my favourite products to turn to for a bright and bold lip. I find them effortless to apply, even easier than lipstick to get a precise application and no matter what finish, they feel comfortable and never drying. I have a few different finishes in my NARS lip pencil stash, Velvet Gloss, Satin and my favourite Velvet Matte!

I have five NARS Velvet Matte lip pencils; Sex Machine, Never Say Never, Dolce Vita, Red Square and Cruella. Sex Machine is one of those perfect nudes, that goes effortlessly with any look and is just the right tone that would suit most, if not all, skin tones. Never Say Never is a beautiful pinky mauve that's just a touch warmer than Sex Machine for night-time subtle shades, but adds a touch of vibrancy to a day-time look too. Dolce Vita is an apricot nude which I think works well with my Mediterranean skin tone, but might not work with paler beauties. Red Square is a gorgeous, vibrant red with orange undertones, a firm favourite for summer days, whilst Cruella is a deep blood red. 

There's one NARS Velvet Gloss lip pencil in my stash, New Lover. A super glossy finish without the stickiness of a gloss, with a lovely opaque colour, New Lover is a peachy nude with the tiniest hint of shimmer. One of my most worn NARS lip pencils, such a beautiful everyday wearable shade! 

The NARS Satin lip pencil finish is absolutely beautiful and feels lovely when on. The one pencil I have with a satin finish is Luxembourg - the first NARS lip pencil I ever bought! A blue toned fuchsia, Luxembourg is the perfect bright pink for pale beauties all the way through to darker vixens. 

Do you have any NARS lip pencils? What's your favourite shade and finish? Do you have any other favourite brands for lip pencils and crayons?
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