Sharon Osbourne MAC Peaches & Cream Powder Blush

6 Jul 2014

A picture of Sharon Osbourne MAC Peaches & Cream Powder Blush

A picture of Sharon Osbourne MAC Peaches & Cream Powder Blush
I thought I'd stick to my two Kelly Osbourne MAC lipstick buys from the MAC Osbourne collections, but Peaches & Cream was just too hard to resist. It took a few trips to MAC to persuade me, assuring myself I didn't need yet another blush (especially one with a high-end price-tag), but each time I saw it in store and not yet sold out, I couldn't help swooning. The packaging for Sharon's collection is very similar to Kelly's collection, except with red instead of lavender and with a glossy finish. It actually feels really lovely just to hold (that sounded weird), and I prefer it to the feel of the usual MAC packaging. 

Peaches & Cream is a really beautiful girly pop of pink with rose gold and berry undertones. It has a stunning shimmer satin finish, and is super easy to blend. I find MAC powder blushes absolutely lovely to use, with fantastic colour pay-off and even better longevity. I think this could actually be one of the prettiest blushes in my stash, I'm truly smitten. At £23 it's a splurge buy, but oh so worth it. It's sold out online, but check out your local MAC counters and stores and you might just be lucky enough to pick one up! 

Did you pick up anything from Sharon's collection? Is Peaches & Cream your kind of blush, or do you prefer brighter, bolder shades? 

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