Illamasqua Matte Effect Summer 2014

8 Jul 2014

A picture of Illamasqua Matte Effect Summer 2014 Collection

A picture of Illamasqua Matte Effect Summer 2014 Collection
A picture of Illamasqua Matte Effect Summer 2014 Collection
When I hear the words matte, it's like my beauty adorers heart starts fluttering away with excitement, products I can use with my oily skin! I'd love to be one of those girls who can pull off the dewy look, but 9/10 I end up looking like an oil slick. Illamasqua have released a summer collection full to the brim with gorgeous matte products, intense colours and beautiful formulas, and I'm smitten. Including four blushers, three liquid lipsticks, the new Matte Veil, alongside a matte polish, it's quite a big collection with something for everyone. Matte lovers heaven! I've been trying out a few products from the collection over the past week, and there's definitely a few must-haves...

The most exciting part of the summer collection for me is easily the Matte Lip Liquid (£18.50) range, which consists of three very summery yet super wearable shades. I'm a big fan of the packaging for this range; it's bold, it's chunky, yet sleek and chic at the same time. They easily stand out from other liquid lipsticks in my collection, which is always the way with Illamasqua - one of my top makeup brands. With a liquid to matte formula, the shades are absolute beauties and packed full of intense pigmentation. If you're looking for lip products to get you through the summer, that have incredible colour pay-off? Matte Lip Liquids are perfect! 

Surrender (£18.50) is a beautiful warm and bright peach shade, which actually works really well against my olive complexion if I have a neutral eye and want an eye-catching lip. It's intense for a peach, almost with a touch of neon, but it works wonderfully. Exotic (£18.50) is a beautiful, bright and vivid orange, almost like MAC Morange (£15.50) in liquid lipstick form. Definitely one for those who love a bold lip! Last but not least, we have the stunning Forbidden (£18.50) which is easily my favourite of the three. Described as a sensual pink, Forbidden has gorgeous lavender undertones making it the perfect summer shade. 

The formula for the matte lip liquids can take a touch of getting used to; with a liquid to matte formula, these beauties dry to a lovely matte finish pretty quickly. One layer is more than enough for an opaque colour, and I wouldn't suggest building up the colour with more layers as it tends to gloop together if you do. After a while they can feel very drying, but a good balm beforehand and a touch of gloss works wonders! The longevity is fantastic; once these beauties are on they are there all day long, and a good bi-phase makeup remover is best for removing every last trace. Everyone needs a matte lip liquid in their stash this summer! 

Peaked Velvet Blusher (£21.50) is one of four lightweight cream to matte blushers featured in the summer collection, a gorgeous dusky rose that is great for summer, but will get more use from me in the winter months as a warming blush. Super easy to blend, Peaked looks lovely when on and I think that's massively down to the lovely formula. I've tried many cream to powder blushers before, but formula wise this is my favourite. Whereas some can leave an almost powdery finish on the skin, Illamasqua have perfected their Velvet Blushers to ensure the finished look is sleek, natural and flawless. Absolute dreamy formula to work with! Another incredibly long-lasting product, I've never felt the need to touch up Peaked, finding it lasts well throughout the day without fading. 

What are your thoughts on the Illamasqua Matte Effect Summer 2014 collection? Do you like matte products or prefer a dewy finish? What's your favourite brand for liquid lipsticks? 

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