All rounder Inglot quad

12 Jul 2014

A picture of an Inglot 4 Eye Shadow Square Freedom System Palette

One of my most exciting iMats buys, was four Inglot shadows with an accompanying magnetic quad palette. Inglot have been on my wish list for a long, long time, and it was particularly their eyeshadows I was eager to get my mitts on. I didn't do much looking at the stand at iMats, I was pretty much drawn to the four shades I wanted straight away, four perfect summer shades that will easily transition as winter shades when the colder months come around. The shades themselves don't have names, using numbers to represent each shade. 

The lightest of the four is shade 11 Shine (£4.50) (unsurprisingly, this means the finish is a shine finish), which is the most perfect all-rounder shade. It works wonders as a wash of colour, fab as an inner-corner highlight, perfect for brightening the lower lash-line and with a light hand, even works well as a brow-bone highlight. It's a stunning pale yellow toned gold with a iridescent shimmering shine finish. Beautiful. 

Next up we have 15 Shine (£4.50), a vibrant peachy-pink that is almost the perfect sunrise-esque shade. It's bright and vivid, yet subtle and incredibly flattering. A softer version of my favourite MAC Expensive Pink, this is just lovely as a pop of colour in the center of your lids and works fab to make eyes appear bigger and brighter, with that same gorgeous shimmering shine finish.

43 Shine (£4.50) is the most perfect bronze, a stunning shade that screams Greek Goddess and worked through the crease is a very beautiful touch to a day-time golden summer eye. I also really love this one as a wash of colour over the lid and think it would suit a summer glow perfectly. 

Last but not least, the darkest and deepest of my four shades, I picked up 605 Pearl (£4.50) (so a pearl finish) which is the perfect in-between of a burnt copper and deep cranberry. A touch brighter but very similar to MAC Cranberry, it's the perfect summer alternative. The finish on this one is more subtle than the shine finishes, but still very beautiful to wear. 

I also picked up a 4 Eye Shadow Square Freedom System Palette (£6) which you can pick up in a variety of sizes and shapes, just like you would if you were creating a MAC palette. The benefit to this palette is that it closes shut via magnetic points, and that's also how the shadows stay in place. I really love the design of the palettes personally, which I feel look professional and are incredibly sturdy, yet light enough to travel with. I'm definitely thinking about starting a larger eyeshadow palette plus a cheeks palette from the Freedom System soon!

Smitten would be an understatement. I am so chuffed with my Inglot shadow picks! The formula of each shadow is just absolute heaven, a dreamy buttery soft powder formula that is effortless to apply and blend, without the fuss and mess of product fall out. Longevity wise we are talking all day long, no budging, smudging or fading - these easily compare to my top high-end shadow favourites. I would definitely invest in more Inglot shadows after making my quad, and I'm definitely going to be placing an order on the Inglot UK website soon!

Have you tried Inglot shadows before? What do you think to my picks? 

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