Too Faced The Return of Sexy

3 Jun 2014

Too Faced The Return of Sexy 15 shade eyeshadow palette

Too Faced The Return of Sexy 15 shade eyeshadow palette

Too Faced The Return of Sexy 15 shade eyeshadow palette
Too Faced is a brand I am really getting in to, and if you read my recent rave review of the Sephora Too Faced Beauty Blogger Darlings Set, you'll know I am just smitten with the formula and longevity of Too Faced products! I've tried quite a few Too Faced palettes in the past (they bring out some amazing Christmas palettes!), but The Return of Sexy (Escentual*, £38.50) has always been the one I gravitate towards in store. It's perfect, it's me. I try and be one of those girls who does the natural look, but where eyes are concerned, it's full on or nothing for me! 

First off, the packaging. I absolutely adore the palette, which is bold yet feminine with a chic and sexy twist. Inside the palette is a handy mirror, and tucked behind this mirror is three handy how-go guides to create six looks, going from day-to-night. I love when brands include guides for creating looks, it makes picking and teaming shades much easier and is perfect for any eyeshadow beginners. There's also a full size Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner, which is an intensely black, creamy liner that glides on effortlessly, with a silicone smudger on the opposite end for smudging out lines for a perfect smokey eye (far better than any other smudgers I've tried!) 

The palette itself houses 15 beautiful shades, each teamed into three shade groups. The first five shades, The Ingenue or 'Sexy Neutrals', are perfect for an everyday look, even more so if you're a fan of the bronzed look. The largest shade of the five is a lovely iridescent cream with a demi-matte finish, which works lovely in the inner corner to open up your eyes. There's a gorgeous gold shimmer shade, that works perfectly as a pop of colour and for a shimmer-packed gold, the colour pay-off is great. A fab all over wash of colour shade comes in the form of a beautiful dark copper with a satin finish, a copper that can be worn in summer or the colder months of winter. To finish of the sexy neutrals we have a lovely brown with golden shimmer running through, lovely for the crease, and for night-time looks, a deep, warm dark chocolate shade with aubergine undertones.

In the centre of the palette, the next five shades are 'The Icon' shades, or 'Romantic Purples'. Starting with matte shell pink which has great colour pay-off and works well as an all over colour to intensity shades worn above it, or as a lovely subtle inner corner eye opener. The four remaining shades in the Romantic Purples are very bold, deep warm shades; a vivid plum satin shimmer, a cool grey taupe with a satin finish, an absolutely stunning wine plum shimmer (which is the perfect in between of a rose gold and mauve) with a finishing touch of a stunning amethyst purple with shimmer finish that has flecks of pink, purple and blue. 

The final five shades in the palette are my favourite, The Bombshell shades, or 'Smoky Greys'. There's an off white pearl with shimmer finish (which is the only let down shade of the five, being a touch more shimmer than eyeshadow), my favourite shade in the entire palette, a rose tea shimmer that would suit absolutely anyone, with a gorgeous pewter, that teamed together make the perfect duo for a night out. A stunning yet intense grey silver pearl with amazing colour pay-off, finishing with an onyx with silver shimmer. Gorgeous.

What's your favourite day-to-night look? Are you a fan of Too Faced, too? 

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