Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Review

14 Jun 2014

A picture of Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette

A picture of Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette

A picture of Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette
In my younger years when I first started experimenting with makeup and particularly eyeshadows, there was one specific look which I turned to almost every day. Shimmer packed highlights, beautiful bronzes and warm, deep coppers. Against my Mediterranean skintone, I think bronzy summer looks just work so much better, the fail safe look I can always turn to. With the beautifully hot days we've been treated to recently, that's exactly the kind of look I've been going for, with a new budget-friendly palette that's made it's way into my beauty stash.

Makeup Revolution is the latest brand to take the beauty world by storm, with a huge range of incredibly purse friendly products. With similar packaging to other budget-friendly brands available on the high-street, Makeup Revolution are cruelty free, affordable, with shades suitable for any skin tone; they promise to cater for everyone from paler beauties to darker babes. The packaging is sturdy, compact and super travel-friendly, nothing luxurious but still lovely all the same, I personally really love the simplicity of the Makeup Revolution range. 

The Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Essential Shimmers* is just £4, which is incredible for a palette containing 12 beautiful shades. The 12 shades easily split the palette in two for me, with the first six shades being perfect for those who prefer a subtle look (more day-time appropriate shades), and the second six shades being perfect for a touch of glamour and an evening look. Each of the shades, as the palette name suggests, are shimmer packed. For me, it's the finish of shimmer I adore; it's subtle, no glitter in sight, just the perfect shimmer to give a look that extra something-something. The shades themselves are super firm, so no worries of fall-out, with each being packed full of pigmentation for great colour pay-off, and the longevity is pretty spot on too. If you like to avoid Mineral Oil and Talc, this one won't be for you as both are the top two ingredients, but if you're not bothered by either, you're set to go.

The shades, unfortunately, are not named, so we'll go by the palette left to right. The first three shades are absolutely perfect highlights. There's a lovely yellow-toned white which is exactly the shade I love for the inner corner, a soft rose gold, and a beautiful pale beige. Next up we have three of my favourite shades in the palette, as they are perfect for a pop of colour in the center of your lid; a gorgeous warm gold, a warmer, deeper in tone rose gold, and a stunning burnt orange copper. Then we move onto the darker shades in the palette; a perfect bronze, a copper and a pale taupe, followed by a stunning aubergine, deep sugar brown and to finish, a deeper, cool toned taupe. 

Overall? I am a big fan of the Redemption Essential Shimmers. The shades are right up my street, I'm super impressed with how fantastic the colour pay-off is with true, opaque colours, and with a good primer, you're easily set to last all day with no budging, smudging or creasing. For £4? You really can't go wrong, and I know it won't be the only Makeup Revolution which takes pride of place in my beauty stash... 

What do you think to Makeup Revolution? 

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