MAC Naked & Rose Pigments Review

29 Jun 2014

A picture of MAC Pigments Naked & Rose

A picture of MAC Pigments Naked & Rose
I love loose pigment shadows and in my younger years, I had quite the collection of Stargazer Eye Dust. I love the way pigments can be used both as they are, or wet to create a truly intense look. Over the years I grew out of pigments, mainly for how messy they were, but I would always lust from a far. MAC is a brand in particular whose pigments range has always intrigued me, with many of my favourite beauty bloggers around the world claiming they are the best of the best. With a huge colour range, there's tons of shades I'd love to add to my stash, but for now I have just two MAC Pigments in my stash; Naked and Rose.

Naked (£17) is one of my favourite MAC finds yet, perfect for so many uses. It works wonders as a wash of colour, evening skin tone with a beautiful and incredibly subtle skin tone shade that has the tiniest hint of pearlescent undertones only noticeable in natural light. It does carry some shimmer, but incredibly fine and barely noticeable. My favourite use for Naked is for an inner-corner eye opener, which it is just heavenly for. Super soft, easy to blend and long-lasting, Naked is a firm favourite.

Rose (£17) is the most recent of the two to join my shadow stash and is the most perfect and incredible rose gold. The powder itself looks chunkier than Naked in the pot, but once applied and blended in, it has the same gorgeous smooth finish. Much more shimmery, with a metallic finish that looks stunning, eye-catching and beautifully chic. It works perfectly teamed with one of my favourite MAC shadows, Expensive Pink (£10), and can really transform a look from ordinary to stand-out. This one is particularly lovely when used wet, whereas Naked is a pigment I prefer to use as-is. 

There's no denying, I'm smitten. One big selling point for me with the MAC pigments over other pigments I have tried, is the packaging. Most pigments I've used before have been in shallow, rounded pots whereas the MAC pigments are presented in much taller round pots. This is a big feature for me as it makes using the pigments far less messy. Both the pigments I have are in the original 4.5g pots, but MAC have just released a more travel-friendly version in a mini 2.5g size, the MAC Sized to Go Pigments (£10) which I will definitely be checking out. £17 and £10 may be a lot to part with for a pigment, but these will last forever, there's no way I'd get through an entire pot, so for me they are well worth the beauty splurge. There's tons of shades in the range that I look the look of, and I have Melon, Violet and Vanilla on my wishlist.

Have you tried MAC Pigments before? Do you have a favourite shade? What do you think to the smaller, cheaper Sized to Go Pigments?

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