MAC: The Nudes

2 Jun 2014

MAC Hug Me, Honey Love, Enchanted One, Velvet Teddy, Mehr

MAC Hug Me, Honey Love, Enchanted One, Velvet Teddy, Mehr
Hug Me, Honey Love, Enchanted One, Velvet Teddy, Mehr
There's been a big change in my makeup picks over recent months, becoming an absolute sucker for a gorgeous nude lip. MAC has always been my favourite for lipsticks, and my most reached for nudes are usually MAC. Although costly, there's just no faulting MAC when it comes to lipsticks. The classic black and silver bullet, the delicious almost vanilla scent, the way they effortlessly glide on giving a true opaque colour, and not forgetting that oh-so-satisfying 'click' when you place the lid back on.

Hug Me (Selfridges, £15) was one of the first MAC nudes I added to my stash, with a lip-hugging Lustre finish that leaves a beautiful yet subtle shine. Soft, weightless on the lips, Hug Me is a soft warm brown and wears perfectly alone, but even better teamed above similar matte nudes. The longevity is good for a Lustre finish, not needing to reapply for a couple of hours, and despite the finish, it doesn't feel sticky or heavy. My most used MAC nude.

Honey Love (Selfridges, £15) is easily my second favourite MAC nude, with my favourite matte finish. For me, Honey Love is 'my lips but better', the perfect nude that fits any look, the nude I can rely on when choosing another shade is taking too long. One of those grab and go shades, Honey Love is almost the perfect partner to Hug Me in that the shades are very similar, but the finishes change the intensity. Whereas Hug Me is opaque, but subtle with a nice shine and slight glossy finish, Honey Love is deeper, truly opaque nude and just a smidgen brighter. I find MAC matte lipsticks have fantastic longevity, and feel comfortable on the lip - just a touch of lip balm before applying stops them becoming too drying. 

Enchanted One (£16.50) is the newest MAC nude to join my collection, a recent buy from the gorgeously packaged Alluring Aquatic Collection with my favourite matte finish. A gorgeous brown nude, Enchanted One has the tiniest touch of peachy undertones that makes it stand out from my other MAC nudes, heavenly with a nude gloss on top. The Alluring Aquatic Collection is limited edition, so if you can get your hands on Enchanted One, I'd snap it up quick!

Velvet Teddy (Selfridges, £15) is another matte finish favourite (can you tell I like matte lips?), a touch darker than Honey Love, it has warm red undertones and works amazingly as a night-time nude. It goes with any look, any outfit, perfect for any occasion. 

Mehr (Selfridges, £15) was on I wasn't sure whether to include in my nudes, as it has definite berry undertones. I personally have naturally dark lips, so many lighter nudes which look perfect on paler beauties wash me out, whereas deeper, warmer nudes are perfect. For me, Mehr is that touch darker than my lips, warm, another lovely matte, but on me it still looks like a nude. Another recent addition, I adore Mehr, as it's just such a lovely, wearable shade.

What are your favourite MAC nudes?

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