Kelly Yum-Yum & Dodgy Girl

21 Jun 2014

A picture of the Kelly Yum-Yum & Dodgy Girl lipsticks from the Kelly & Sharon Osbourne for MAC collection.
When news hit that MAC were doing a collection with Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, I knew that there was no chance I'd be able to resist. I love the Osbournes, from growing up listening to Ozzy and in my teens, the first reality TV show of its kind that I got in to. And of course, you always have to support your locals! For me, both Sharon and Kelly always look amazing, from their outfits through to their hair and makeup. Classy, yet with the style and out there personality of the Osbourne family shining through. 

Of course, as soon as images were released on the collection, I was smitten. I am just so taken with the packaging of both collections; sleek, incredibly simple yet bold themes, Sharon's in a bright cherry red, whilst Kelly's is a vibrant lilac. I knew I definitely wanted two of Kelly's lipsticks, but the rest of the collection wasn't anything which wowed me when I saw swatches. I decided on Kelly Yum-Yum and Dodgy Girl for my two lipstick picks. The packaging is just swoon-worthy, the shade of lilac so beautiful that they'd almost be worth the price just for display. Each has a different finish; Dodgy girl has my favourite matte finish, whilst Kelly Yum-Yum is a stunning Satin finish. 

Of the two, Dodgy Girl (£16.50) is my favourite. It's an absolutely gorgeous lavender with a smidgen of violet to add a brighter touch. It's almost like the perfect pastel lavender shade, in a lipstick. I love matte formulas from MAC and I find that they're really comfortable to wear, so long as you have a good lip-care routine behind the scenes. The colour pay-off is true to MAC and blooming brilliant, with a true opaque colour. I think Dodgy Girl is definitely going to be one of my most used lipsticks this Summer!

Kelly Yum-Yum (£16.50) drew me in because it looked like a bright MAC pink that I could actually wear for a change, as many I find just don't have the right tone for my skin. A bright, bright pink, it has blue undertones and reminds me of my old bedroom as a teenager (I even remember the name - Turkish Delight!) It is just beautiful. The formula is creamy soft and glides on effortlessly providing a pretty decent opaque colour (I find two coats is best for this beauty) and it feels lovely and moisturising. I think the blue undertones are a massive selling point for me with this one, it's just stunning.

Did you pick up anything from the Sharon & Kelly Osbourne MAC collections? Most of the products are sold out online now, but be sure to head to your nearest MAC counter or store if you want to get your mitts on any of the collection! 

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