glo Minerals Graffiti Eyes

10 Jun 2014

A picture of gloMinerals Ebony Cream Eye Liner

A picture of gloMinerals Banana and Rain Forest Graffiti Eyes

It's no secret I adore eyeshadow, one of my favourite types of makeup, with a mountain of beloved palettes it's safe to say I think I have a little bit of an eyeshadow addiction. One thing you'll rarely find in my makeup stash though, is individual shadows, with just a few that make the cut. Two individual shadows which have impressed me recently and found their way into my single shadows drawer, are from the fabulously named Graffiti Eyes range from glo Minerals

With a formula that stands out from other eyeshadows on the market, glo Minerals shadows are infused with an exclusive antioxidant blend of Vitamins A, C and E, as well as Green Tea Extract. Each has been created to provide pigmented, long-lasting shadows that don't fade or crease, all whilst being easily buildable. But how did they fare when I tried them?

Banana* (£13) is one of those shades that is pleasantly surprising. From the name, I expected a pretty standard banana yellow, when in fact Banana is a gorgeous neutral nude that is subtle and perfect for evening out skintone or a the perfect non-shimmering inner-corner eye opener. Rain Forest* (£13) is another pleasantly surprising shade, a stunning khaki with golden undertones that would be the perfect shade for the colder months, but teamed with Banana is just perfect and suitable for even the sunniest of days. Each has an incredibly soft powder formula that is a dream to work with, especially when blending, and I find the colour pay-off to be really fantastic, even for Banana which is a fairly light, neutral shade. Longevity wise I've found these shadows last as long as any of my high-end favourites, so long as you ensure to apply an eye primer beforehand! There's 25 shades in the range and if I'm honest, I am smitten with the look of every single shade and might just be persuaded to start a little glo Minerals collection... I'm particularly taken with the look of Blackberry, Dusk, Eggplant, Sea Shell and Water Lily.

Another fantastic glo Minerals product which acts as the perfect partner in crime to both Banana and Rain Forest, is the amazing gloMinerals Cream Eye Liner* (£15) in Ebony. I am absolutely smitten with this product! I am a big fan of cream and gel liners and find they can often be far easier to apply, especially if you're opting for a cat-eye winged liner. I have a fair few favourites in my stash, regular favourites I wouldn't be without, but there's one negative to each and every one; the packaging. All of my gel and cream liners come in sturdy and weighty glass packaging, whereas the gloMinerals Cream Eye Liner comes in a super slim plastic casing similar to those of shadows. One of those products that would be perfect for travelling, light-weight and so slim it hardy takes up any space. The formula itself is very soft and creamy, with a perfect in-between of deep brown and jet black, incredibly easy to both apply and even easier to smudge out if you're going for the smoky look. Smitten.

Have you tried glo Minerals before? 

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