Emma Hardie Body Treatment Scrub

4 Jun 2014

Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Body Treatment Scrub
Back in April I was in Birmingham going through the beauty aisles in TKMaxx when I spotted a product I didn't even know existed. We've all heard of Emma Hardie, with the rave reviews for the Amazing Face Natural Lift and Sculpt Moringa Cleansing Balm (FeelUnique, 100ml, £36), which I shared my thoughts on last year (see here) A lovely cleansing balm, I really enjoyed using it (and boy, does it last forever!), but for me it wasn't the amazing, better-than-all-others product I was expecting; the best selling point for me was the scent. It's the scent which intrigued me when I spotted a huge Emma Hardie box, and on finding it had the same beautiful scent, I just couldn't resist.

The Emma Hardie Natural Lift and Sculpt Body Treatment Scrub (FeelUnique, 200ml, £46) is a super luxurious pink mud scrub, with a heavenly scent of Citrus Essential Oils, floral notes of Rose and Jasmine, with a touch of Cedarwood. With the same gorgeous packaging as the cleansing balm, the scrub comes in a pretty huge 200ml tub and adds a nice touch of luxury to our bathroom. Formulated with China Clays and detoxifying Himalayan Salt as well as exfoliating granules of organic Red Corn, Moringa Extract and moisturising Sweet Almond Oil, the Emma Hardie scrub has quickly become a favourite after just a few uses.

For me, exfoliators are a must because not only do they help get rid of dry and dead skin cells, but for someone with tattoos they do wonders for making your tattoos look more vibrant. Applying to wet skin, I massage in over every last bit of skin I can reach. The scrub itself is very gentle, it doesn't feel too abrasive but it's effective enough to buff my skin to smooth perfection. It's super softening, my skin has been left feeling gloriously soft and smooth, and it even works wonders on elbows and knees. An alternative use for the scrub as suggested by Emma Hardie, is to apply the scrub to back areas as a treatment mask, where it works to help purify and detox congested and blemished skin. For me, this isn't a use I need it for, but I love that it has that multi-purpose aspect!

I love this scrub. As I said, I picked mine up in TKMaxx and I actually managed to snap it up for just £10.99, which is a big difference from the £46 RRP. Would I repurchase? At full price, probably not. For me it's just a touch out of my price range, but if I ever spot it on offer again, definitely! It's a super lovely luxurious scrub that leaves my skin feeling happy.

What's your favourite body scrub or body treatment?

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