Bodhi & Birch Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum

19 Jun 2014

A picture of the new Bodhi & Birch Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum
I've always looked after my hands, from a young age watching my mum apply hand creams and cuticle oils religiously. I have a pile of hand creams which I absolutely adore, favourites I repurchase time and time again. But never have I tried something like the new Bodhi & Birch Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum* (£22)

Promising to protect and nourish hands, Lime Blossom is a fast penetrating oil serum with an incredible scent of lime. It works to nourish both the skin and cuticles, whilst protecting from free-radicals and fighting against the appearance of skin ageing and blemishes. Lime Blossom is a powerful, potent, natural product which has left worked wonders for dealing with my dry hands and cuticles, leaving them softer and smoother. With an impressive list of ingredients, Lime Blossom goes further than any hand cream or lotion I've tried before, like skincare for your hands.

With 8 key active ingredients, Lime Blossom is certainly a product that knows what it's doing. There's Olive Squalane; a botanical lipid derived from Olives which contains a unique antioxidant which works to prevent damage from free radicals, replenish our own skins natural squalene (which is something all of us produce, but begins to decline from 30 onwards), and works against and towards preventing skin deterioration, age spots and lines. Rosehip Oil, which consists of 80% essential fatty acids as well as being high in Vitamins C, A and B, works to help diminish the appearance of skin ageing, a skin rehydrator which helps to restore moisture balance in our skin, replenishing the important lipid barrier as well as starting regeneration of damaged cells. Plum Kernel Oil is an aromatic oil which works to nourish deeply, whilst Safflower Seed Oil is highly moisturising, working to deeply soothe and soften the skin, tackling dry and damaged areas. There's also much needed Vitamins in there; Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant which helps to prevent premature ageing, which works to help boost collagen levels, which in turn improves skin elasticity. This helps to make wrinkles less noticeable, as well as increasing cell regeneration, lightening brown and sun spots as well as fighting free-radical damage. As well as Vitamin F, which is rich in Linoleic Acid and Alpha-Linoleic Acid, which works to both soften and revitalise dry skin, and is another fab vitamin which works to restore skins natural elasticity. There's also Lime and Green Mandarin, which are both antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral blends of Essential Oils which work to create an uplifting, restorative scent.

The scent truly is something special. There's the true scent of Lime, but with the addition of uplifting Citrus Flowers, it has a touch of something-something that makes it an addictive, sweet but not sickly, refreshing and invigorating scent. You can use Lime Blossom on both dry or damp hands, but it's advised you apply after washing when your skin is still damp. One pump is all you need - two would be far too much and one is enough to massage your hands perfectly. It's quick absorbing, doesn't leave a greasy residue and almost feels as if you have nothing on your skin, but it still works effortlessly and the results are evident after just a few uses. I'm smitten, and haven't touched a hand cream or lotion in weeks.

What do you think to using a serum on your hands? Is Lime Blossom something you'd add to your beauty stash?

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