The Sample Dish

24 Jun 2014

A picture of a Unicorn Jewellery Dish holding beauty samples
Sample sizes can be an absolutely fantastic way to try a product before committing to the full size. It gives you a chance to see if the product really meets it's claims, whether it works well with your own skins needs as well as providing the results you want to see. You either love them, or hate them, but for me samples are blooming marvellous and I often get far more use out of a travel sample size from a high-end brand, than I do a full size from a high-street brand.

Getting hold of sample sizes is actually pretty easy. There's monthly beauty boxes who provide a mix of both full size and sample sizes in their boxes each month (I recommend Birchbox and Love Me Beauty for beauty samples!), there's magazine freebies which are often great samples from high-end brands, gift-with-purchase offers or gift-sets and travel sets, as well as simply asking at beauty counters. The last one might leave a few of you feeling unsure - I for one regularly chicken out asking for a sample at counters; you expect the answer to be no. But most of the time, brands are more than happy to send you away with a few days sample of their latest foundation or must-have scientific skincare product. With a high-end price tag, I think bases and skincare are particularly important to be sure about before committing to the full size, and samples are a great way to see if that £30 foundation will work with your skin or whether the newest £40 facial oil will make your skin happier. 

But sample sizes can also be the bane of my life sometimes! Did you know, hiding under my dressing table, is a little box full of samples? Samples I keep saying 'I'll use soon', but that still sit in the box for months on end. Lately I'm taking the more forward approach - having several samples out at a time, on my dressing table where I can see them and grab them with ease. Popped into my delightful Unicorn Jewellery Dish (£6.68)I have primers, for both the face and eyes, mascaras and hand creams. I'm turning to these samples daily, in an attempt to use them up, decide whether they're worth the full size purchase or popping them in the bin and forgetting about them if not! It feels satisfying to finish each sample up, and it's definitely leaving me with more room in my makeup stash. My and my Unicorn dish, we'll get through these samples in no time!

How do you get through beauty samples? Do you like beauty samples or do you find them pointless? What's the best sample you've tried? Let me know!  

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