The Sunday post # 21

25 May 2014

The Sunday post # 21
This week I... started my week in London, meeting Sophie Bloomfield, Beauty Director of Harper's Bazaar. In celebration of the Birchbox and Harper's Bazaar collaboration box, I headed down to Benefit HQ on Carnaby Street, for an evening of beauty talk. Answering beauty questions from Twitter, Sophie and Lisa (Benefit's Head Makeup Artist) delved into next season's nail trends; sheer, pale nudes, bases from the catwalk; using concealer to perfect your complexion, rather than a full base, to the scientific side of skincare; something Sophie predicts will only become more and more advanced. I left feeling inspired and motivated. 

One thing I learnt this week... is to sit back and relax. I am a real book worm but the past couple of years as my degree has become more intense, reading for pleasure has taken a back seat. I recently started How to Fall in Love by Cecelia Ahern (Waterstones, free delivery, £5.99), and I finished it this week. I completely fell in love with the story, having my hopes for the outcomes I wanted, and as per usual, falling head over heels for Ahern's way of telling a story. A must-read, I couldn't recommend How to Fall in Love enough!

My favourite moment this week was... my very first archery lesson on Saturday. My partner and I decided to take up archery, and as a Robin Hood fanatic, I was excited all week wishing Saturday would hurry up. The lesson was just an hour, but I felt on such a high afterwards. As it was our first lesson, we used recurve bows (the ones that Katniss uses), but next week we'll be on compound bows which are some serious machinery. I really enjoyed the lesson, especially as I managed to get better scores on the target board than my partner! Can't wait for next week's lesson.

How has your week been?

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