The Sunday post # 19

11 May 2014

The Sunday post # 19
It's been a really good week. I've found myself just feeling so much more relaxed, more motivated and better organised over the past fortnight since my last exam. It's really helped to keep me on track and generally, it is so nice being 'stress free' (ish) for the time being. Of course, that stress will soon build up again as the hand-in date for my dissertation and my graduation draws near, but right now I'm enjoying the more relaxed life I'm being treated to. It's lovely to be able to indulge in a proper pamper, without feeling like I'm rushing. Or sitting down to watch my favourite TV show without feeling like I should be working. I've finally had the time to sit and get stuck into some new books, I'm spending more time enjoying the sunshine and listening to some of my favourite bands, and I feel so much more positive and happy for it! 

Last week I told you that I would be sharing a fabulous hair tool alongside a cheeky giveaway - just my luck, my photos disappeared from my camera and so I've had to retake, with far too many grey days and rain at the end of this week. I've finally managed to snap up some new pics, so you can hear all about this elusive wonder tool tomorrow, as well as a week of beauty reviews, subscription boxes and Challenge Three of the Weight Watchers #StepintoSummer campaign - did you take part in this week's Challenge Two

My Sunday posts seem to be getting shorter and shorter lately - let me know how your week has been and how things are going with you? 

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