12 May 2014

So who joined along last week for Challenge Two of #StepintoSummer? For me it was a great challenge, pushing me to try new recipes and try I did! I shared a recipe for Spanish-style Chicken Bake (with a slight ingredient alteration) which was absolutely delicious and something I definitely plan on cooking again, but with the proper ingredients! I also tried my very first chicken paella; I've never cooked paella before so for me this was more of a challenge and silly me, I forgot to take photos to share - but the recipe was super Weight Watchers friendly at just 10ppts a serving. I'll be making a second attempt soon - this time chicken and chorizo paella, so I'll be sure to share the full recipe and photos next time! Not forgetting the delicious recipes I shared in last weeks post...

Before I get into Challenge Three, a quick run down for those of you who are knew to #StepintoSummer. #StepintoSummer is a fantastic campaign set out by Weight Watchers to help us get well on our way to reaching our goals. I say 'our' or 'we' a lot when writing the #StepintoSummer posts, because that's exactly what it is - challenges for all of us to take part in together, on a weekly basis. So far for Challenge One we set a goal to eat at least one portion of fruit or vegetables (or both!) with every meal. For me this was easy when at home, as I already eat lots of fruit and veg; but I found it more of a challenge when eating out, and kept a handy apple or banana in my bag for 'just in case' moments where my meal was out of my control. For Challenge Two we had to try at least three new recipes; I shared a Weight Watchers Simple Start Hero Recipe, absolutely delicious Pork Loin Steaks with Mushroom Sauce, as well as my Spanish-style Chicken Bake and of course, the chicken paella I forgot to photograph! What recipes did you try? Onto this week's challenge....

Challenge Three of #StepintoSummer is to eat breakfast every single day. We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the most important meal for our bodies, too, keeping us going throughout the day. It's always important to remember to eat breakfast, but I hold my hands up and admit I sometimes easily forget - or just have it overly late, turning breakfast into brunch! Challenge Three will really push me to make sure I am getting breakfast every single day, and I'll be sharing my breakfast over the next week over on my Instagram, so keep an eye on there if you want to see if I stick to this week's challenge! To help you on your way, I've tried a fab low propoint recipe from Weight Watchers, which is a fab breakfast, can be altered to create another breakfast, and it even makes a snazzy low propoint dessert, too. 

Weight Watchers Simple Start Hero Recipe
Tropical Fruit Fool
Preparation time; 40 minutes
Serves 4, 2ppts per serving

2 medium ripe mangoes 
3 ripe passion fruits, halved 
500g tub 0% fat Greek yoghurt 
1 lime, juice and zest   

Step 1
Peel the mangoes and slice the cheeks off. Cut one cheek into small dice and set aside. Put the remaining mango flesh into a liquidiser, and blend to a puree. Transfer to a bowl and stir through the seeds from 2 of the passion fruit. Add lime juice to taste. 

Step 2
Put the yoghurt into another bowl and and beat gently to soften. Gently fold through the passion fruit and mango mixture plus about half of the diced mango, leaving it rippled.   

Step 3
Divide the mixture between 4 glasses, and top with the remaining diced mango. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.    

Step 4
To serve, scoop the seeds from the remaining passion fruit and drizzle over the top of the fools then sprinkle over a little lime zest. Serve immediately. 

A really yummy recipe that is packed full of fruit and vitamins, I also think this Tropical Fruit Fool would work fantastically with granola or muesli! Such a great low propoint recipe, I had mine with a generous portion of berries on the side. 

Weight Watchers Simple Start Tropical Fruit Fool
Breakfast ideas
Here's a few of my other favourite (and regular) breakfasts as well as some extra ideas for you to indulge in over the next seven days!
Traditional English breakfast; it's super easy to do a Weight Watchers friendly English breakfast. Don't forget that Weight Watchers is all about allowing yourself to eat whatever you want - just in moderation! 
Fruit; you could have a Tropical Fruit Fool, a smoothie, a bowl of fruit, a banana, another type of breakfast with fruit on the side - if you're still following Challenge One and getting at least one portion of fruit and vegetables into each meal, this will make breakfast easy!
Breakfast in a bowl;  anything from cereals to granola, porridge or muesli! All of which coincidently, go nicely with some fruit added on top....
Toast; toast is another thing that is really easy to get creative with. Try it with banana on top, or jam, honey, maybe Weight Watchers chocolate spread. You could have eggs, tomatoes, soft cheese, anything!
Other breakfast ideas; eggs; florentine, benedict, poached, scrambled, etc, etc, etc. 

Who will be joining me in Challenge Three and eating breakfast everyday this week? 
Just like last week there's a fab prize up for grabs throughout Challenge Three of #StepintoSummer! This week, you could win a Russell Hobbs Toaster! This competition is being run across the Weight Watchers social channels and you can enter in one of two ways...

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*This post is part of the #StepintoSummer campaign for Weight Watchers UK. Food was provided by Weight Watchers UK for me to complete the recipe above. All thoughts and views are my own. For more information, please see my disclaimer