Revlon Parfumerie Wintermint

6 May 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Wintermint

Revlon Parfumerie Wintermint
Usually I spot an advertising gimmick a mile off, straying away from products with hype overly surrounding selling tactics we all know deep down are just a way to entice us in. Yet when I saw the adorable bottles for the new Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel range, I couldn't resist trying one out. They're just far too pretty! I popped one in my basket when an making an online Boots order, a lovely deep crimson red, but there was a mix-up during packing my order; I received Wintermint. If it had been a more expensive product, or say a skincare product dependent on my skin type, I would have asked for the correct product to be sent out, but for a nail polish it seemed like a lot of effort, and so I kept Wintermint in my stash. There's apparently a variety of scents within the range, and certain colours or finishes will have one scent whilst others will have another. Bright, vibrant shades, like China Flower (the one I originally tried to order) are formulated with exotic and fruity notes, rich, deep shades, like Autumn Spice, are formulated with woody and warm scents, whilst light and airy shades, like Surf Spray, have a fresh fragrance. For me the biggest selling point is the packaging, I love how the bottles are designed, standing out from every other polish in my collection. 

Wintermint is a very pretty shade, a cool metallic duck egg blue with mint green and blue tiny rounded glitter throughout. But from having tried Wintermint, which when wet and applying has an even stronger scent than a normal polish, when dry and the scent is supposed to be recognisable, I can't smell a thing! From advertising images and blog reviews I had seen, particularly in America, I thought the bottle would actually be much bigger, but it's standard size for a polish. It does look ever so pretty sitting on my makeup desk though, reason enough to try more from the range! The finish, for a textured polish, is actually very smooth and it looks lovely used as an accent nail, or on all nails, catching the spring time sunshine. Lasting wise it's pretty good, I managed around 6 days before I saw a chip, and even then it was barely noticeable. I think it would be the perfect holiday shade, whilst being subtle enough for those who want to try glitter polishes but stray from more intense shades available. So although I feel I missed out on the fresh fragrance promised, I'm pretty impressed. China Flower will definitely be added to my nail polish stash soon...

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  1. Oh this looks so pretty! The bottle looks really cute and unique too!

    Although I don't quite get why you would need a scented nail varnish - I think they are a great novelty idea, and I guess it's better than the horrible chemical smell!

    Laura - Laura's All Made Up ♥

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  2. I have this nail varnish but in Surf Spray! I can honestly say that I can actually smell the scent. I was quite hesitant about it thinking that the smell wouldn't last that long but it lasted around a day and a half! Also, I found that adding more layers built up the smell!

    A-j // x

  3. The colour and bottle look beautiful - may have to try these out for myself! Thanks for sharing!

    Heather | porcelainbeautyx

  4. AnonymousMay 06, 2014

    I love the bottles, they're beautiful!

  5. The packaging is so cute! such an interesting colour :-)


  6. I've had my eye on these mainly for the bottle! A bit disappointing that the fragrance doesn't last, but the packaging is lovely and they have a great range of colours so they might be worth a try!
    Ellie x

  7. I gave in and got 3 of these, Italian leather, Lime basil and apricot nectar.
    They are the cutest little bottles, the smell on mine does last a good day or so. and mostly smell good and like they are supposed to... italian leather being the exception and smells like liquorice.
    But I find them Appauling formula, apricot nectar and lime basil both need at least 3 layers and still look iffy and stripy. Italian Leather being darker you only need 2. I also found they chipped pretty quickly maybe 2 days. :(
    But all that said I love the bottles I'd buy them just to use as ornaments lol

  8. This looks like a really pretty polish! Shame it doesn't live up to being scented! xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  9. I have Ginger Melon which is a beautiful colour and I was actually really impressed by the smell. It's actually quite strong and after I've painted my nails I can smell it without having to lift my hands up to my face. I bought mine through an online Boots order delivered to store and when I opened it the top had smashed clean off the bottle and it was everywhere! The lady on the counter was great though and replaced it and cleaned up another item that it had covered that they didn't stock in that store x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty